Etsy- Made With Love Cold & Flu Relief Bath Salts

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that Kathryn has been a whizz and posted some great products for you all to read about recently, yet I’ve been silent, and that is because I came down with the worlds worst cold!

For the last week or so I have been sniffling, coughing, wheezing, complaining and generally feeling sorry for myself!

I am however, thanks to Covonia, Benylin, Halls Soothers, tablets and this product, almost back to perfect(ish) health.

Last week, whilst at my worst, I decided the only thing that would make my life better was to have a nice relaxing bath, and remembered some bath salts that were sent to us from Made In Love, an Etsy store. At the time, I thought they may come in handy one day, not assuming that two days later I’d be struck down with the mother of all illnesses!

I decided to give them a whirl, thinking I have NOTHING to lose, and am SO glad that I did!

The bottle plastic bottle comes with a silver lid and a hand made label, which told me that the salts had Eucalyptus and Lavender in- both brilliant for a cold.

The instructions on the back told me to add 1-2 handfuls of the salts to my bath water after it has stopped running as running water evaporates the essential oils (something I didn’t know and will remember for all future bath salted bathing!)

At first, I though the salts looked quite big and thought there may be a chance I would have a Chandler from Friends moment with salts not dissolved properly, but this wasn’t the case. The salts dissolved perfectly and I couldn’t feel them in the bath at all, even when I got in straight away!


The first time I used these, absolutely none of my senses were working (except my sight, your sight doesn’t normally go when you have a cold I don’t think…) so I couldn’t smell this very well. I actually assumed it was scent-less, not realising the severity of my ailments.

But after a few goes, my sense of smell returned (hurrah!) and these smell absolutely gorgeous. I’m not usually a big fan of lavender, but mixed with the eucalyptus my bath smelt divine and really unblocked my nose.

I definitely think these helped get me on the road to recovery and would definitely recommend them!

You can get them from just £4.95.

If you’ve come down with this horrible flu that has made it’s way around my entire office now, keep warm and drink plenty of liquids, and treat yourself to a bath with these! They’re miracle workers and well worth the price!

Emily xxx


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