Etsy – Made With Love Beard Oil

Perhaps I should have let my wife review this Beard Oil by Made with Love. After all, it is her who enjoys/endures (take your pick) my beard.  As far as I’m concerned it just hangs off my chin.

I don’t spend a great deal of time massaging it while in deep thought like the archetypal wise old sage. Containing Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, cypress, peppermint and tea tree essential oils, this mixture promises to soothe and moisturise, and certainly makes a welcome change to the plethora of sauces, juices and crumbs that usually get caught up in these coarser hairs during the week.


Application is a bit messy; you are provided with a pipette which is a bit too eager to dispense its contents. This is just a minor gripe, though, as fortunately, it smells great and I am pleased to say it has had a very definite rejuvenating effect on this tired old beard of mine.



You can find it online at



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