Amie Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask

I used amie spring clean deep cleansing mask after noticing that my skin had been looking tired and dull for a few days. The first thing I noticed about this was the gorgeous smell, however
it is slightly overpowering when you actually put the product on your face and it made my eyes water for a few seconds.

I applied a thin layer of the product over my face and felt a cool tingling sensation almost straight away. I laid back and relaxed for the next ten minutes before washing the mask away. I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it came off, unlike some products that practically have to be scrubbed off, this was simply washed away with a few splashes of warm water. Once it was all removed it was immediately obvious how much brighter and more radiant my skin looked, not to mention how soft it felt. Plus, it didn’t feel tight which I’ve noticed with products I’ve used in the past. In the couple of days that followed I really noticed a difference, with my skin feeling clearer and less oily. I will definitely be making this a part of my regular beauty regime, it is by far the best face mask I have used in a long time!


Emma xx


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