The Body Shop – Handcare

At the moment I am LOVING The Body Shop, they have been bringing out plenty of new exciting ranges, and you can get some really good deals using online codes. The weather doesn’t seem to be getting any kinder, and my nails are in a state, so to get them in tip top condition before my holiday, I ordered a few bits and pieces. A hand cream, nail clippers and a nail buffer.


Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream

I wasn’t sure what I would be getting when I ordered this, ‘Absinthe’ makes me think of Saturday nights and very poorly Sunday mornings, but this was a new fragrance in their Hand Cream line and I think their creams really make a difference. Now do not fear, this product smells nothing like Absinthe, although it does have a slight menthol fragrance which really perks you up when you’re sat at your desk at work. It is suitable for all skin types, and moisturises and conceals odour (perfect for all you smokers out there), as well as leaving your hands smelling and feeling fresh as a daisy. The Absinthe part, is extract of it, and is combined with Community Fair Trade shea butter. And of course, all Body Shop products are NOT tested on animals, which is one of the best bits as we know all our little furry friends are safe and happy. My cat Daisy-May turned 6 yesterday (Dad thinks I just made up a random date but the RSPCA lady said this was when she was born) and I would hate to think any of her brothers or sisters were being put under such a terrible act of cruelty. I purchased the 100ml size of this hand cream for £10, as it was £5 for 30ml, and may as well get more for my money. 


Now I don’t know about you, but I live with my Dad and we must buy about ten pairs of nail clippers a year and they are forever going missing and so I have purchased some that I am going to keep locked up and out of his way. I purchased these Nail Clippers for just £4, and they are a lovely smooth, curved shape with a brushed silver finish. I tried them out on my friends nail extensions the other day and they clipped them off perfectly, which is great as some nail clippers can’t cut through such tough materials.


And lastly, my Nail Polishing Block. I got this to try and smooth out some of the ridges on my nails, which can often appear due to illness or bad weather…I’ve experienced both lately so my nails definitely needed this product. If you haven’t used one of these before, they make your nails super shiny and healthy and can even make your nails so shiny it looks like you’re wearing clear nail polish, we used to have competitions at college when I was studying Beauty Science to see who could get their nails the shiniest…it passed the time in Business Studies lessons! There are four sides (with it being a block one may think that obvious), each a different colour, and fear not, as each side tells you what it is to be used for. With this one, you use the charcoal grey side to file the nail edge, then the mint green colour to help remove ridges in the nails, side three, the light grey colour, helps to smooth the nail, and lastly the white side is the one the gives you that incredible shine. Be sure to use all the other three sides as well as the shine side as otherwise your shine will be dull. No one wants their sparkle dulled, not by boys or by nail accessories! You can pick these up for £4 from


Enjoy your Saturday!

Kathryn xx




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