Kat’s (Not-so) Weekly Paw Prints #4

Firstly, I apologise for this feature being way way behind, but I have been crazy busy with work, and other posts, I simply haven’t had the time to sit and paint my nails. Scandalous.

So, anyway, last weekend I spent some time in Northampton with my Mum’s family and it was lovely seeing my four cute little cousins Harry (who is also my Godson), Theo, Joe and Little Miss. As you can see below, we had lots of fun with the Photo Booth application on my laptop!



Apart from the family, I love Northampton for it’s shopping…there are no designer shops but there are literally high street shops EVERYWHERE. So when Grandad took Nanna and I to one of the local retail parks, I nipped in to Boots. Now I LOVE Boots, I love saving points, getting good deals, free gifts, the whole works, I literally never leave Boots without a purchase. I was browsing the cosmetic stands and came across Essie nail polishes. Essie are quite large in America and their status is growing over here too. They are a quality brand of polish, with beautiful colours and last really well. Now let me just say now I had NO intention of buying any nail polishes, I have so many that I have not even tried out yet…but then I saw Essie’s On A Silver Platter. It was the last bottle and I picked it up and tried it on, and fell in love. I thought No! I am going to be good, so I made a note of the name in my iphone and wandered off around the store. Then went straight back to it and snapped it up before anyone else had the chance to. Well it was the last one, I couldn’t take the chance of never being reunited with it ever again. I also picked up some House of Holland nails and some Impress false toe nails – I have always wanted to try french manicured false toe nails but am totally unsure about them but they were in the bargain bin section at £2.24 so popped those in my basket too. I whipped off the the til before anymore further damage could be done.


The name ‘On A Silver Platter’ suggests this polish may be a shiny metallic silver. WRONG. I actually have NO idea why this nail polish has this name because it has finely pigmented gold shimmery glitter as its base, with flecks of lilac and purple holographic glitter and also large sparkles in the same colour. It is a very weird combination if I am honest, and no silver in sight, but it totally works. It’s perfect for winter, and summer, which is not often the case with a lot of glittery polishes. The pictures don’t do this nail polish justice in the slightest as you can’t see the multi colours shining from the holographic glitter but believe me this is worth every penny of the £9.99 I paid for it. 


Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday, I am staying in blogging as I am going to watch my beloved Manchester United tomorrow (going to wrap up warm for sure brrrrr) and Emily is in Newcastle visiting some of her Uni friends 🙂


Kathryn xx


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