Denman Hairbrushes

Lets talk hair, specifically hairbrushes. You can spend anything from a pound up to well over £100 for a hairbrush. Each one brushes your hair in a very similar way, so what’s so special about the higher end brushes and why do they come with such a high price point? For the last 6 years I have sworn by Mason Pearson hairbrushes, which are made in England. They come with a variety of bristles and cost between £40-140. The reason I always used Mason Pearson, despite their price, was that they never tangled my hair, it never hurt as they slid through the knots and they never once broke. But, you get to a point when you don’t really want to be spending £70 on a hairbrush anymore and have to look elsewhere.

Where to begin? Store’s own brand, cheaper brands, well known brands, higher priced brands…it is a minefield out there! The Kat’s Paws were recently asked to choose a hairbrush from the Denman selection. I looked through their selection online and discovered so many different types, I decided to play it safe and chose one that looked much like my coveted Mason Pearson.


Let me tell you all about the Denman Porcupine Grooming Brush. The colour of the brush is exactly the same as the Mason Pearson, black with a red spongey centre, loaded with natural bristle and single nylon quill. This porcupine effect is great for grooming and conditioning the hair, with the brush being lightweight, and with a perfectly balanced handle to provide good grip and control. I was totally weary when I first decided to trial the brush, hairdressers hate me, my hair is naturally knotty however often I brush it and so when it has been washed, combs and most brushes just can’t handle the mess it becomes. I washed my hair, and took the plunge, without adding a detangling spray may I add (Super brave!), and I was SO impressed, it actually felt nicer than the Mason Pearson because it had much thicker bristles and was gliding through my hair like heaven on earth. I also used the brush whilst blowdrying my hair and it didn’t pull or snag which is always a bonus (blow drying my hair is such a chore. I really dislike it – the first thing I would do with a lottery win? Get myself a daily personal hairdresser!) and the brushed worked really well on my dry hair too later in the evening.


I haven’t managed to throw my Mason Pearson away just yet, but it has certainly been cast aside for the time being. Denman certainly know their stuff, they have been producing hairbrushes for the past 76 years now, and as well as selling hairbrushes, they also produce hair rollers, make-up brushes and much much more.


This particular brush starts at £8.09 for the smaller verson, and goes up to £12.26 for the large. You can check out Denman’s full range at


A converted Kathryn xx

Here’s Emily’s review…

I tried out the Denman Boar bristle paddle brush. The brush itself looks really professional and the bristles are incredibly soft, therefore I can imagine using it doesn’t damage your hair in the slightest.


Using the brush made my hair incredibly soft and shiny, and looked as though I’d had a professional blow-dry. However, I could only really use it once my hair was dry and straightened, as it was useless at taking out any tangles. I also attempted using it when my hair was wet, and it did nothing but wipe the top of the strand.



The brush would be good for creating up-do’s as the outside hair would look soft and sleek without taking the volume away from inside. I have also used it on my extensions, which has the same effect as a Tangle Teezer by brushing them out without damaging them.


Overall, I think my hair may be too thick for this style of brush, but the range itself has fantastic effects on different hair styles and types.

Love, Emily xx




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