Etsy – Lily’s Pretty’s

Today hasn’t been the best day ever, the weather has been miserable, myself and Emily are full of cold and a few other things happened which I shall be a lady and refrain from mentioning in public. I decided to write a review about a lovely seller from Etsy who makes jewellery which makes me smile as soon as I see it. Ladies (and gents) let me introduce you to Lily’s Pretty’s. 


“My name is Alex and I run Lily’s Pretty’s Cake Toppers from my home in Brandon, Suffolk. Lily’s Pretty’s is named after my beautiful daughter Lily. I’ve had an interest in polymer clay sculpting since I was 10 years old when my mum brought me some, I have been hooked ever since. I began making personalised caricature figures and cake toppers for friends and family. I received such positive feedback that I decided to start my own business specialising in making one off sculptures to order. All of my items are hand made by me and are designed to last a life time. They are non toxic so are perfect to be used as cake toppers and if looked after will last forever. They are however not toys and aren’t suitable to be played with by children. To enable me to capture the essence of the person I work from a quality colour photograph, I can vary details such as hair length, colour, accessories and style, skin tone and colour, body size and shape, clothing, accessories such as handbags, tools, umbrellas, sports equipment, footwear, colour of the base, wording on the base i.e Name, Date, Happy Birthday etc. For a small extra fee I can also add larger items such as pets, drum kit, basically anything that captures the personality of the recipient. I love a challenge so please feel free to contact me with your ideas for a free no obligation chat and lets see what we can come up with!!!”

Items from Lily’s Pretty’s are so unique and have a great quality to them which you do not often get from high street fashion accessories. One of my favourite things in life is a pic’n’mix, I just love sweeties and always have some nestled in my drawer at work, and often in my bedroom drawers haha. The first item we received from Alex was the Candy Crush Bracelet, it has all the popular icons from the VERY popular game. Each sweetie is moulded to include perfect detail and each one is sectioned between a smaller colourful bead and I must say my favourite bead is the white one with the three dimensional blue swirl, as the it has a touch of shimmer to it. The beads have been threaded on to a very thick, flexible plastic elastic and is certainly not flimsy so it sits really well on your wrist and the beads look and feel so much like real sweets its actually making me peckish.


The next item is the pair of lemon meringue earrings. These are so cute, little slices of lemon meringue pie, attached to silver hook earrings. The texture looks and feels like they really are covered in meringue and they are also really light so that they don’t pull on your ears, something which I have mentioned before, as it’s really unattractive to see girls with earrings which are dragging their lobes down to their shoulders. Again the earrings are really well made and will be perfect for the upcoming spring/summer months with their luscious lemon colour. 


Last but certainly NOT least because this is my favourite ever ever colour….the macaroon ring. It is soft and smooth on the top like a real macaroon, complete with the bubbly bits on the side and then inside is amazing swirling whirling cream filling. This really does look good enough to eat and my mouth is currently watering just thinking about macaroons. I totally recommend Betty’s in York as they have some absolutely exquisite flavours and colours. I love colour a lot, it can change your mood, and make you feel good just by seeing your favourite colour. This macaroon ring is my favourite (did I mention that?) colour mint green and is set on a silver ring which is adjustable and so will fit 99% of fingers 🙂


Each piece of jewellery came in its own voile tie bag to keep it separate and so would be perfect for a gift for a friend, your Valentine or yourself. Also, it is my birthday soon, which I have already mentioned and I have been eyeing up the flump bracelet if anyone would like to purchase it for me 🙂 

As well as jewellery, Alex also creates amazing personalised cake toppers and the most magnificent wedding bouquets, full of sweeties and other beautiful things. 

Lily’s Pretty’s Etsy store can be found at;

You can also contact Alex and view her other amazing items at…

If anyone decides to purchase please be sure to let us know which you choose 🙂

Love, Kathryn xx


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