Seventeen Eyeliner vs Seventeen Eyeliner

Happy Monday everyone! Hope it hasn’t been too trying – just think, only 4 days until the weekend again!

As I said in my post yesterday, I went out for my friend Stacey’s birthday on Saturday night, and something awful happened as I was getting ready… my eyeliner ran out! Which, to be honest, was really quite inconvenient.

Now, I am a massive fan of the Seventeen range available from Boots as the products are so cheap, yet still a good quality, especially the eyeliners and blushers.

I have had this particular Seventeen High Drama Liquid Eyeliner for months and months and months now! Since before last summer in fact, and I use it every single day! It’s amazing how many applications you can get from this tiny little bottle priced at only £3.99- it’s an absolute steal!

The brush has a pointed foam applicator which I find easy to use, the colour is rich and dark, and it stays put all day long, which is exactly what you want!



When it ran out on Saturday night, I started searching through my make up bag as I was sure I had more eyeliners and came across an unopened liquid liner, also from the Seventeen range, which I got in my Boots advent calendar. I didn’t really read the bottle properly, as I just saw it as a standard liquid eyeliner, and got to work as I was running extremely late as it was!

The brush on this one was an actual brush, and some of the bristles seemed to have bent inside the bottle, which was definitely going to ruin my straight line, therefore I had to get my fingers dirty to roll them back together again.



As soon as I put this brush on my eyelid, it smudged like there was no tomorrow, and as I tried to fix it, it just got worse, therefore had to start again. Which was annoying, as I’d already done a good job with the smokey eye from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I tried to wipe it lightly with my finger so as not to ruin the rest of my make up but it wouldn’t shift! I then tried a make-up wipe, and no luck!

I then looked at the bottle and it was Seventeen’s Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner from the Tattoo Me range. It promises 48 hours of wear… which I can imagine it succeeds. Although it may last a long time, does anyone ACTUALLY want their eye make up on for 48 hours? I can safely say I have never needed that, and I would much prefer an eyeliner that stays put but is easy to wipe away at bed time.

In the end, I had to scrape the eyeliner of with my finger nail, which was incredibly painful and left my eye red and sore. My eye continued to be sore for a long time after and stung when I eventually applied a different eyeliner. The pain when I applied my fake eyelash glue isn’t even worth mentioning…ouch.

Overall, this product was really disappointing. It was difficult to apply, and although the colour was good and long lasting, it really wasn’t worth the hassle of removing it! However, the eyeliner on the left is well worth a try!


Love Emily x

I’ve just taken some of my make up off and my eye is still sore after using the Seventeen Tattoo Me Eyeliner…



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