Etsy – Sparkleyes/Zombie Bride UK

Love is in the air, and Hallmark have more items than ever to send our loved ones, all at extortionate prices. Whilst browsing Etsy recently, I came across a store called Zombie Bride UK which stocks a wide variety and clothing and gifts, many with a Valentine theme, but at much more reasonable prices, and even better is the fact that they are hand made. 


Sparkleyes is the seller of this unique store…

Sparkleyes is basically me, Tara – hi! After having my little girl, Rosie, i wanted to find a way to work and still get plenty of time at home with her, so i decided to start up my shop. i’m a huge fan of vintage clothing and have been buying and wearing vintage since i was about 14, quite some time ago now 🙂 i also love vintage inspired items too, particularly 1950’s glamour, so my shop is a mix of both vintage, handmade and upcycled clothing with a few pieces of handcrafted jewellery dotted in there to compliment everything.
anyway i hope you like my shop as much as i love making and discovering things to put in it for you. Xx


I chose the Valentine themed mirrored acrylic heart necklace. The base is a large pink mirrored heart (you can choose other colours), with a layer of black acrylic cut in the shape of the cutest little boy and girl kissing, with the size being approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. The pendant is then hung on a silver coloured chain and sits perfectly on the collarbone. I recently wore this with a plain black dress which really made the pink stand out and it is perfect for this time of year, but it is also a gift that will last all year round. It costs just £10.30 and if you are wanting to purchase more items at the same time, you only need to pay shipping once, which is brilliant as this doesn’t happen very often with Etsy stores. 


Please check out Tara’s store, which will soon include bags, t-shirts and more, at



Valentine’s Love,

Kathryn xx


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