Etsy – Avery Fleur Designs

Whilst we are on the subject of Valentine’s Day and gift giving, I want to introduce you to Avery Fleur Designs, a store on Etsy, run by Julie…

“With love and care, I hand stamp each letter on carefully chosen vintage and vintage style silver plated tableware with your favourite quotes, personalised messages and also pieces that are already crafted and ready to go. I add a lot of love and positive energy into each piece I create, every spoon tells a story. I look forward to helping you as much as I can in your order, please feel free to contact me.”

Julie was kind enough not only to send us our very own spoons, but to even engrave one with The Kats Paws embossed onto it! All of Julie’s spoons can be used on a daily basis or if you can’t bare to have them tucked away in the kitchen drawer, they make a beautiful decoration. You can also purchase forks and little keyrings which are perfect also for the men, as they can be attached to their car keys without looking too girly. 


Who wouldn’t want to munch away on your Cheerios (or Corn Flakes, we don’t favour brands haha) and not see ‘Because You’re Gorgeous’, ‘You Are My Cup Of Tea’ or ‘Served With Love’ on their spoon? I honestly can’t imagine a nicer way to wake up in a morning (without Adnan Januzaj or David Beckham being involved). 


The other spoon we received had “I Like You A Latte’ embossed on to it. The spoons came beautifully packaged in traditional brown paper, tied with coloured string and a little Avery Fleur Designs tag attached, the spoons themselves are also wonderfully dressed, each with a beautiful cream bow tied around their ‘necks’ and wrapped in coloured tissue paper.


Prices vary, with the smaller one just £8, the larger one £10 and a pair for £16, the keyrings and forks are also £8. Julie is a lovely lady to correspond with, and a true asset to Etsy and will be more than happy to customise these wonderful items for you. 

“Hi my name is Julie, mummy of one I live in Cheshire England and love all things vintage and crafty.

I’ve always loved crafty things and vintage items, looking around my local bric-a-brac shops . One day after searching everywhere for a gift that was a little bit different, I decided to make it myself and that’s how I started hand stamping vintage silverware. I love re- cycling items and keepsakes and this was both rolled into one! After demand from my friends and family I decided to open my Etsy shop. I love the craft community and Etsy was the perfect place to start.”

You can find Avery Fleur Designs at

On Instagram @averyfleurdesigns

On Twitter @averyfleur1

A Latte Love 😉

Kathryn xxx


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