New Image Skin, Hair & Nail Support Food Supplement

This time of year we all need a little help with our skin, hair and nails. The cold bitter weather and the stiffling hot heating cause havoc with our skin, hair and nails, drying them out, ending up in possible damage such as split ends, ridged nails and chapped skin. We have to use copious amounts of moisturiser, hair products and nail strengthening products, which can be both costly and time-consuming. New Image has brought out this fabulous food supplement to give a little support to these important parts of the body.


They contain the following vitamins and minerals;

* Gingko Biloba – treats illnesses and promotes wellbeing

* Grapeseed – helps circulation and nerve damage

* Horsetail – good for brittle nails and can help you to lose weight

* Flaxseed – contains omega 3 fatty acids 

* Nettle – minimises skin conditions and can help with the common cold

* L-Lysine – a great source of protein

* Vitamin C – a powerful antioxident

* Vitamin E – great for the skin and another good antioxident

* Calcium – good for the skin and bones

* Lycopene – prevents ageing of the skin and is also a built-in sunscreen

* Copper – helps brittle bones

* Zinc – heals wounds and can prevent or relieve acne

* Beta Carotene – brilliant for eye and skin health

With all that natural goodness, I couldn’t possibly say no to trying these out. You take one capsule a day with food and so I had mine at lunchtime so that I wouldn’t forget – I can be quite forgetful, and so I always have a tonne of lists going on at one time, Emily even bought me some magnetic pegs for Christmas for different lists 🙂 These are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the only allergy advice it comes with is traces of soya.

I started these a month ago and in the first week to ten days I couldn’t really tell a difference but the skin takes 4-6 weeks to shed and re-grow and so for any skin product, you have to give it a minimum of this time to be able to tell whether it will be good for your skin or not. After a couple of weeks though my nails definitely seemed to feel stronger and were growing noticeably quicker than usual, my hair started to feel thicker and had a lovely shine to it and my skin has started to feel less flaky. I will definitely be purchasing another box of these supplement capsules as I am excited to see further results. I shall keep you updated 🙂


I am down in Northampton this weekend visiting my family. Whatever you lovelies are doing I hope you have fun!


a healthy Kathryn xx



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