Etsy – House Of Nika

For our second Etsy post, I am delighted to introduce to you ‘House of Nika’. 


The owner of this gorgeous store is Anika Moore and in her store you will be able to find beautiful handmade items including hair bobbles, flower hair clips, as well as handmade paper flowers which are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. 

A little bit from Anika…

In my short bio I stated that I had been diagnosed with a few disabilities that left me unable to work in the conventional way. I lived with support from the government for a few years, but decided to try starting my own business. It gives me a sense of pride in myself and I love doing crafts and making things anyway, so my hobby is now my job. The name “House of Nika” started as a joke. “Nika” is the nickname my lovely boyfriend gave me and its always been my “alter ego” I guess. I had been making some jewellery and posting photos on facebook a few months before the idea to start my own business came about. Alot of people were urging me to do so, but I lacked the confidence. I had posted so many photos on Facebook I started jokingly saying “Here is another installment from the House of Nika” as a heading. So when I finally got some confidence and listened to friends and family, House of Nika was the only name for the business in my mind. 

We are glad Anika found her confidence and took the final steps to having her very own Etsy store. Anika generously sent us three of her items from her store for us to test out and present to our lovely readers.

First up is a beautiful large red Poppy styled hair clip. It is made out of red felt with black accent felt pieces as well as tiny beads and a sequin in the middle. With such a generous sized hair clip, I thought it may have felt quite heavy when in my hair, but as it is made from felt it was so light I could barely feel it. The actual metal part of the hair clip is a simple silver clip which didn’t catch in my hair, which can happen with some alligator style clips.


Secondly, is a pretty turquoise coloured Dahlia style hair clip. This one can actually also be made as a brooch if you speak to Anika when ordering. The small petals are beautifully shaped and layered to give a real life effect and are finished off with a silver sequin and turquoise faceted bead. This hair clip has the same style metal clip as the poppy hair clip and so again is comfortable to wear and would look fabulous in winter with black clothing or in summer for some tropical brightness.


Last but certainly not least is one of my favourites… The Red Rose hair clip. This is a perfect three dimensional design and looks just like a true rose pinned in your hair. There are green leaves also made out of felt, at the base of the rose and again has the very comfortable silver snap clip attached to it. Anika states that this can be made in a variety of colours, and again also be made into a brooch. I shall definitely be taking this to Florida with me 🙂


All three of these hair clips can be purchased for just £3 each so be sure to check these out along with all of the other sweet items at


Kathryn xx


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