ETSY – Dirty Rotten Rags

Recently I discovered Etsy. It’s been around for ages and for those that haven’t heard of it, it is a site where individuals who are amazingly creative and crafty are able to sell their homemade items. I downloaded the App from the itunes store and started having a browse….I was still browsing 3 hours later…there are SO many gorgeous things to buy, at decent prices, and for everybody and anybody from all over the world!

The first store I came across was Dirty Rotten Rags… Rayon is the owner and creator of this Etsy store which sells some AMAZING “mashed-up 80s/90s vintage”. There are jewellery items, clothing and more, all hand-customised, with the opportunity to add your own customisation and personalised stamp on the items. My particular favourites are the old-style acid-washed Adidas tops and the dripping Chanel jewellery.

We recently received these stunning earrings…


These beaut earrings are made from a gold mirrored acrylic in the style of a dripping Chanel emblem. Emily and I recently went out for our friend Josh’s leaving dinner and I wanted to be dressy but it was wayyyy too cold for a dress and so i threw on some black skinny jeans and a grey top with Topshop heels and then to really add some fabulousness to my plain outfit I added these earrings.


They are so unbelievably light I could barely feel them – long drooping earlobes are a big no no in my book – yet I had so many comments that evening on the sparkle of the earrings. I was able to wear a large cool earring without having the weight of large metal earrings all night. 


You can check Rayon’s store Dirty Rotten Rags out at as well as checking out her Facebook page as well as some cool pics on Instagram…. ID @dirtyrottenrags

As a special treat, Rayon has generously given us a 10% discount to pass on to you all… simply visit her Etsy shop, add everything you love and enter the code thekatspaws14 before 30/4/2014

Here are a few sneak peeks from Dirty Rotten Rags….










Hope y’all had a great weekend!


Kathryn xx


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