Method Cleaning Products

Who thought something as mundane as cleaning products can be glamorous? Read on for our review on Method Cleaning Products…


Multi-Surface Non-Toxic Surface Cleaner

Firstly the scent of this is French LAVENDER (Woohoo) and it smells gorgeous, subtle and pleasant without being overbearing or chemical smelling. Not often can you describe cleaning products in this way, but it’s true. The ingredients are natural, derived from corn and coconut, the lavender oil is from French Lavender and not tested on any animals. Method products are ‘green’ products – environmentally friendly and I thought that using ‘green’ products would mean that I would be working harder to scrub, and that they wouldn’t work as well as the usual chemical sprays. But this cleaner was amazing, you spray it on, leave it for a minute and then wipe and the grime and gunge is actually gone! I have used this in the kitchen, hob, stainless steel, bins, skirting boards, windows, table tops and lots more. Definitely 5 out of 5 for this beauty, and maybe even an extra point for it smelling of lavender.


Emily’s Verdict:

I’ll admit it now, I’m not a very good cook. I have two specialities- spaghetti bolognaise and fajitas- and both of those are prepared with a little help from Dolmio and Old El Paso.

I’ll also admit that I am rubbish at cleaning. I’m just not very good at it! It’s so boring and time consuming and when you get that bit of dirt that just won’t shift it drives me INSANE.

Basically, I’d be an awful housewife… which is just as well, as I’m destined for a life as a cat lady.

However, all in aid of research and reviewing, I did a spot of cooking, then cleaned up after myself using the Method Daily Kitchen Cleaner.

This bottle of orange beauty is an absolute miracle worker. We have a glass hob at home which really picks up dirt and water marks when the pan over boils (I told you I wasn’t good at cooking).

This product wipes stubborn stains away so easily and there’s no need to scrub the work tops as this is so powerful.

I also hate the way chemicals feel on my skin from cleaning products but this didn’t irritate my hands what so ever!

Method Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash

Without boring you beautiful people about my sore dry chapped hands again, washing them in soap that strips them is an absolute NO SIR! This handwash smells luscious, with a gentle perfume that isn’t overly strong but softly lingers after you have dried your hands.

Method’s hand washes are Triclosan-free and as safe as they are pretty. The bottle is a teardrop shape and looks great on the bathroom or kitchen side, almost as if it is a decoration or ornament.

This hand wash is in a fresh, invigorating pink grapefruit scent, but this range of hand washes is also available in French Lavender, Sweet Water and Waterfall as well as there being two foaming hand washes in Sweet Water and Green Tea & Aloe.


Method Washing-Up Liquid – Cucumber

I am a huge fan of this washing-up liquid, and this bottle looks really nice on my sink (tres important!). I have used this for a few months now and haven’t had any problems with the pump clogging, spraying myself or worse. The pump dispenser allows for guess-free portioning of the liquid and is also as effective as petroleum-based washing up liquids, but without the petroleum. Simply let the dishes soak for 15 minutes, grap a cup of tea and relax, and then scrub the dishes gently with a sponge and rinse. I have NEVER smelt a washing up liquid that actually smells like the scent it is supposed to, usually all you can smell is soap and that horrid chemical smell, but this cucumber fragrance smells as fresh as cucumber scented facial products. Simply gorgeous!


Emily tried out the Laundry Liquid:

This smarter, easier and greener innovative liquid has a sleek little bottle and a plant-based formula they call smartclean technology.

I tested this about a month ago when my friend Laura came to stay with me. She had a creamy peach coloured camisole from Topshop that she wanted to wear, but she had accidentally put it in a dark wash and the colour had turned a mucky grey!

She asked me if I had anything that would get stains out, when I remembered this product was in my blog bag and thought it would be the ideal situation to put it through it’s paces.

I stuck it in the wash with a few squirts of the liquid and was shocked at how well it worked! Yes, the cami wasn’t back to it’s original form, but the greyness had come out significantly and it was wearable again!

Not only that but the smell was fresh and using it reduced my carbon footprint by 35%- win/win situation!


Please check out Method’s other gorgeous products on where you can also purchase the Multi-Surface cleanser for just £3 for an 828ml bottle, the Washing-Up Liquid for only £3 for a 532ml bottle and the Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash for £2.49 for 354ml. These products may be slightly more price-wise than the offers you see in the supermarket, but they last ages and are environmentally friendly 🙂


Kathryn xx


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