Blistex Lip Care

As with most cosmetics and toiletries, there are hundreds of different lip balms, creams, scrubs and protection. Blistex is definitely one of those brands you think of straight away, a cult lip protection name. Now I don’t know whether it’s due to my braces, the weather or what, but my lips have been sore and dry for a few days now, and for some reason I end up licking and biting them which just makes it ten times worse. It drives me crazy! Therefore I thought it a fab time to try out these beauties from Blistex. 


First up is Lip Brilliance in Blushing. This balm comes in an original twist up tube, and adds a gorgeous shimmer and a tint of rosy glow – perfect for that just kissed look 😉 Lip Brilliance is enriched with lots of lovely stuff, such as Vitamin E to naturally replenish, silk extracts for super duper softness and grape seed oil to condition that pout.


Next up is Raspberry Lemonade Blast. The name of this balm totally makes me think of a nice crushed ice summer beverage….one can dream! Just like Lip Brilliance, the Raspberry Lemonade Blast is also in a twist up tube, and is bursting with gorgeous things such as exotic coconut oil for moisture, jojoba to condition and antioxidant Vitamins C and E for super-charged pout perfection. This may sound strange but I love the taste of this lip balm too, makes me excited for my holiday 🙂


Last but certainly not least is Moisture Max. Now this is the one I have been using the most this week and have certainly noticed a difference within a few hours of using it. Moisture Max is the first ever lip balm with soft melting Moisture Beads, which are tiny micro-moisturising miracles that super-hydrate your lips, leaving them meltingly moisturised. This balm is in a squeezy tube and the round tipped applicator is perfect for bursting those little miracle beads onto your lips. 


Please check out to learn about other Blistex products and you can purchase Blistex from retailers including Asda, Superdrug, Tesco and more.

A luscious-lipped Kathryn xx


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