Anatomicals Lip Balm

I’m a girl who often buys her lip balm products based purely on the described flavour so when The Kats Paws asked if I wanted to test a cherry flavoured product I jumped at the chance as my lips often suffer with the changing temperatures.

As with all Anatomicals products the usual comical slogans appear on the packaging; this one holding a cheeky “sexual/kissing” innuendo theme aimed at keeping “stripped” lips at bay’ in return for kissable softness.




When I opened the packaging  I liked the fact the tube had a built in slanted nozzle applicator to smooth the balm onto my lips, rather than as with some products where you are required to dip a finger in, thus making it more hygienic and easier to apply. The scent is quite subtle, fresh and not overpowering which meant I wasn’t tempted to sit there licking it off (making my lips even more dryer) so the actual re-application of the product didn’t need to be done as often. I first applied the balm before work to stop the office air-con drying my lips out and found I could still feel the product on my lips at dinnertime a total of 4 hours. This is quite unusual as other lip products I have purchased seem to glide off easily; I also put the balm to the test at my sweaty gym classes and found afterwards I could still feel the product on my lips. Applying the balm before bed I woke up with smooth moisturised smackers. The product itself was quite a thick consistency so absorbed into the lips slowly and I didn’t find it at all sticky, so at 15ml contents the product will last a long time for the price. It even made my lips look quite glossy so I found I didn’t need to apply my usual sticky gloss. 


The product is available from Amazon, Asos and various other websites, and prices start at £2.49.

Love and cherry kisses

Alyson X


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