Paul Mitchell Hair Products

As some of you know, from my many blog posts on hair products, my hair is occasionally impossible to control. As The Kats Paws has developed, I’ve had readers asking me my opinion on a few different straightening hair products made for curly or frizzy hair, and as I’ve used a huge amount of them, I’d say my knowledge is pretty good by now!

The most recent straightening products I have used are from the Paul Mitchell range, which was sent to me a couple of months ago now.

Paul Mitchell is a famous hairdresser, so I was extremely excited to be testing out products devised from someone in the same league as some of the hair heavyweights! Like the Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield (yes, I do only know him from Celebrity Big Brother… But isn’t it good this year?!) of the hair world!

The pack I was sent contained three products in an amazing toiletry bag which would be perfect for a gift. I love quotes, whether inspirational, funny or cute, and adding them on toiletries always catches my eye. If you’ve read my Anatomicals blog post, you probably know this already. This set features the quote ‘You Look Skinny Today’ which made me chuckle with is being a straightening set. It also made me feel extremely wistful for the day someone says that to me! The New Year diet is still going strong- even more so now after looking through old pictures the other night- and I’m determined to get fit for summer! Plus, I received a Save The Date text from one of my best friends Laura, who I used to live with at University. She’s getting married early next year, giving me another goal to loose weight for!

The set is also in two of my favourite colours- green and pink- with a bit of sparkle. Sometimes, I think I may have been a magpie in a past life, as anything sparkly immediately catches my eye!


Firstly, the Super Skinny shampoo left my hair feeling really clean and soft, and I loved the smell of it which wasn’t too overpowering yet still fragrant.

Straight after, I used the Super Skinny Daily Treatment conditioner. I felt the consistency of this could be slightly better, as I felt the need to use more that I usually would. Saying this, I always overuse conditioner and end up starting the shampoo and conditioner bottles at the same time and finish the conditioner with still over half a bottle of shampoo left!

I don’t wash my hair daily, as 1) I don’t have the time- washing, drying and straightening my hair is an absolute chore; 2) I don’t need to, it usually can go two or three days and not look greasy; and 3) it’s not really healthy for your hair. You need to let the natural oils work their magic sometimes. Therefore, the fact it is a Daily Treatment didn’t really affect me. However, I could tell that using the products daily wouldn’t hinder the health or appearance of your hair.

The products made my hair feel like I’d been to a salon- something you really look for in higher end hair care, and I loved my hair after use. It was straighter in appearance after blow drying, yet was still slightly on the frizzy side. However, that is just what my hair does and nothing can tame it sometimes!

The third item in the pack is a Super Skinny Serum. I’m not a massive fan of serums to be honest, I much prefer straightening balms such as the Neal and Wolf Silk balm, so knew from the outset that his product wouldn’t be a massive favourite, however it left my hair straighter than usual, which is what it promises so I can’t complain.

It did however leave my hair feeling quite weighed down and even a little greasy in places ( the exact reason why I’m not keen on serums ) and I feel I’ve used better straightening products than this in the past. As far as straightening SERUMS go though, this is one of the best I’ve used. I’d say it could even be better than the likes of Frizz Ease!

I did notice that it seemed to help my hair dry faster though, which was brilliant as it’s such a time consuming chore! It also meant less time putting direct heat on my hair, which in the long run keeps it a lot healthier!

Overall, the products are a great purchase, particularly the shampoos and conditioners, and if you’re after a treat for your hair, I’d recommend these 🙂

The serum is £17.95 for a 150ml bottle, which lasts ages. It is £11.25 for the 300ml bottle of Shampoo and £13.95 for the Daily Treatment.

The prices may seem slightly high but I’ve been using the products for over a month now and still have some left! Even the conditioner. Plus, my mum and sister have tried them out and like them too!

For more information on the entire range visit
There are a lot of different ranges for different hair types too:


Emily xxx


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