Holiday Packing

Holiday packing splits people into two groups – those who HATE it and those who LOVE it – I am definitely one of the latter. I usually have my suitcase packed 3 months in advance and then have to end up taking everything out as I will need my suitcase to go on a weekend family visit or a trip to Butlins. I am going to Florida with my Dad in March in honour of my 30th Birthday for ten beautiful sun soaked days and because of Christmas, I must admit I am actually way behind when it comes to packing this year. Going to Boots, Superdrug and other cosmetic and toiletry havens to stock up on as many miniature products as I can feast my eyes on is one of the things I get most excited about. Yes, I am rather sad I shall admit that now. This weekend I found a variety of treats which will be certainly making their way into my suitcase this year and thought I would share them with you.


Manuka Doctor CC Cream

Taking foundation on holiday can be a bit of a nightmare let’s be honest – it starts off fine but then by the time you’ve reached the pool or cocktail bar, its slid off leaving you with a not so glamorous zebra pattern. Another problem to take into account is, that if you’re lucky, you will have caught a tan or at least a bit of colour a few days in to your holiday and so said foundation now makes you look like a ghost with a fake tan problem. Manuka Doctor have brought out a CC Cream which contains Manuka Honey and purified Bee Venom – don’t freak out at the Bee Venom part, it can actually help promote the skin’s elasticity and Manuka Honey from New Zealand is renowned for its skincare benefits. This pump style bottle is a good size at 30ml and is great as you do not need a lot of the product. It is a lovely lightweight, natural looking colour and gives enough coverage to be worn on its own, and yet it even managed to cover the redness I suffer from on my cheeks. It does get even better – It has an SPF of 20, which is one of the most important things when choosing make up and skincare when in the sunshine – no one wants to look like Madge from Benidorm in 20 years time! I have used this on the right side of my hand and I think you can totally tell the difference!


Manuka Doctor CC Cream comes in one shade due to the fact that it merges so well into any skin tone and colour and is available from at a RRP of £19.99 – At the moment you can also purchase a Try Me Sample Kit from the website for free, and all you have to do is cover the postage and packaging of £2.50. Myself and Emily received ours today so keep your eyes peeled for a review soon 🙂

Sheer Cover Lengthening Mascara and Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals

I have naturally straight, short and fair lashes and so to prevent me from looking either ill or like a boy, mascara is a must for me, even on holiday. Sheer Cover produce beautiful, natural skincare and cosmetics which are certainly all the rage at the moment, everything’s becoming that mineralised and minimal that we shall soon be brushing fresh air onto our faces! Although, that is certainly not the case with this mascara, the brush is lovely and thick with longer bristles at each end to ensure coverage on the shorter inside and outer lashes which can sometimes get missed with some mascaras. This mascara leaves great coverage and gently separates and lengthens your lashes. 


The Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals are presented in three shades, a light beige, a fudge colour and a darker shimmering brown. This little pot is great for adding that golden holiday glow whether you tan or you dont, and is great to add to foundations or CC creams to warm the cheeks and the colour as your holiday continues. A little tip is that this can even double up as eyeshadows – because let’s face it, the less (however small) things we take out there, means the more we can bring back and Florida has a LOT of amazing shops. 


You can see the range of Sheer Cover Cosmetics at and the full sized mascara has an RRP of £17.95 and the Bronzing Minerals have an RRP of £23.95.

Heaven Divine Cream

Moisturisers rarely come in anything other than a size LARGE, which is certainly no good for my luggage allowance! Therefore this handy little pot of Heaven Divine Cream is perfect. You can use it on any part of the body (within reason) as a moisturiser, or it can also be doubled up as a face mask if you are wanting some peace and quiet from the Kids/Husband/Boyfriend/Mother In Law. This product is fabulous for increasing collagen and elastin in the skin and is infused with Mandarin and Orange essential oils, making this cream smell more than heavenly!


You can purchase the Divine Cream from and prices start at £25.30 for 15ml all the way up to £100 for 200ml. Definitely pricier than a lot of moisturisers on the market, but everyone deserves a little piece of heaven.

Designer Shoe Bag

Flip Flops, Heels, and Converse are such a pain when it comes to packing – I always fear theyre going to dirty my clothes, or the heel is going to stab through my favourite silk dress. I try stuffing them in the pockets of my case and that doesn’t work, they end up sliding out. Well fear no more lovelies! Women’s Creations have brought out a brand new way to pack those pesky shoes away in a clever and clean way! Here at the Kats Paws, we present to you, the Designer Shoebag. These come in a range of versatile fabrics and patterns and each one will hold one pair of shoes. My bag has purple tones with black glitter running through it and the tie strings are even finished off with faceted black beads. Definitely better than a Tesco carrier bag! Inside the Shoebag is a red satin panel to separate each shoe so that the shoes dont scuff or dirty each other. Women’s Creations have pretty much thought of everything here, and they have even added a removable fragrance insert to keep those feet smelling sweet!


You can purchase these beauties from at $34.99

P20 Sun Protection

For those who have not heard of P20 Sun Protection, it is pretty much the Godmother of sun screen. It isn’t the cheapest or prettiest sun cream on the shelf but it has endless positive reasons to purchase a bottle. Firstly it has an SPF of 30, which is brilliant for all skin types, you only have to use it once a day and is active after only 15 minutes of application. The spray function makes it very quick and easy to apply so those eager beavers can get straight down to the beach and the P20 formula is also quick drying, so again no standing around waving your arms and legs in an attempt to get the sun cream to soak in quicker. It is safe for all the family, as it is free from added fragrance, colourants and preservatives and you can stay in the water for up to 80 minutes and it will still be effective, so it is great for all you water babies out there.


For more information on this and other P20 products, visit and check out amazon, Boots and supermarkets for the latest deals.

Hello Kitty Plasters and Antibacterial Hand Wipes

I love anything pink, sparkly, floral, girly or with a cat on it, and so these two very ordinary, essential but HELLO KITTY themed items are a must for me. I am rather a clumsy person, always walking into something or tripping over Daisy-May, my cat (please don’t call the RSPCA, it is an accident and I do give her Whiskers Temptations to make up for it) as well as having wide feet which always causes blisters in summertime with new shoes and so why should i stick a big ugly beige and definitely NOT skin coloured plaster on when I can cutely accessorize with these babies! Each pack contains two sizes in three designs and little (and big) girls will love them, and they should definitely stop the tears. 


The world has gone germ crazy, anti bacterial gels, wipes, sprays, the whole caboodle, including some weird surgeon type masks in Japan :/ BUT I personally do think it is important to keep clean, especially on aeroplanes and when you are abroad. There are that many bugs and diseases to catch, it is better to be germ savvy than to be in bed with a sickness bug whilst your family and friends are outside splashing in the pool. This handy pack of anti bacterial wipes are perfect to take around with you, and can also be used to freshen up whilst on long haul flights – I’ve never been one to look as good as Victoria Beckham does wandering off a plane but I do like to keep clean and fresh before I land. They have a lovely sweet scent and each pack contains 8 wipes. With the Hello Kitty theme, they are a great way to introduce children to keeping clean, my Goddaughter Willow couldnt wait to get her little hands on a pack of these and they went straight into her mini Cath Kidston bag without a second thought. (She’s 4 going on 14 I swear).


You can check out the other characters and themes at and purchase the plasters for a RRP of £2.39 from shops such as Asda, Accessorize and Waitrose, and the Wipes can be found from Tesco, Sainsburys and other pharmacys with a RRP of just £1.

Lip Smacker Lip Balm

As I am going to the Disney capital, I simply cannot leave Minnie Mouse out. Here, she appears on a tube of Lip Smacker Lip Balm in the fragrance form of Fresh Raspberry Jam (Scrumptious). Lip Smackers have been popular with young girls and adults alike in America for a very long time, and are renowned for their kooky flavours and designs. They have started making their way over here in the last few years, and this new Disney range is perfect for my holiday to keep my lips moisturised and protected in the heat. 


Check out more information at You can purchase Lip Smackers from a variety of stores including Claire’s Accessories and Primark and they start at just £1.


Kathryn xxx



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