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We were recently sent some snacks from Kiddylicious – you may wonder why we were sent snacks aimed at children, but these snacks are not just suitable for kids, they are a healthy way of getting one of your five a day as well as being great for having at work, or to get a sweet boost. I recently had a top brace fitted on my teeth, which I am half regretting due to the fact that it hurts and the variety of food I can now have has dramatically reduced! I have to cut everything up in to tiny pieces and so these snack bags are perfect! I can eat them without having to crush them up like a packet of crisps and the sweet ones are not sticky so theyre perfect for me to munch on. As mentioned in my last post, today I am chilling on the sofa and watching the Manchester United match on television, which would normally when I get the crisps and chocolates out, and so instead I am giving these a whirl!


Apple Crisps: This packet contains bite sized crunchy slices of real apple, and include no additives or salt as well as each pack stating that it contains one full apple. It is suitable for vegetarians and the only ingredients are apple slices, vegetable oil and a sprinkle of maltose. With only 51 calories and 0.5g of saturated fat, these are also good for those of you who are on New Years diets. The taste of these is perfect, as they have a sweetness to them but without losing that tang of an apple that we all love.


Sweet Potato Crisps: This packet contains bite sized slices of real sweet potato, and again include no additives or salt as well as being one of your five a day and including a whole portion of vegetable inside. Calories and saturated fat are a little more than the Apple Crisps which are 64 calories and 1.1g saturated fat. To me these taste just like a packet of crisps but without that greasy feel you would get in a standard packet. Another great alternative if you are on a diet.


Banana Bites: Following the pattern, this packet contains bite sized crunchy slices of real banana, with no additives or salt and are one of your five a day, stating that inside is a whole banana. I think these would be perfect for sprinkling over porridge or other cereals, to add a bit of sweetness. Calorie count is 65 and saturated fat is 0.6g. For me personally, this is not an option I would get again but only because I am generally not a fan of bananas and the banana taste is quite strong here, obviously with it being actual fruit 🙂


Carrot Crisps: Again, this packet contains bite sized crunchy slices of real carrot, and contain a full carrot and no additives or salt. There are 55 calories a pack and 0.4g of saturated fat. I really enjoyed these, again it is like eating regular crisps but with a sweeter taste and not at all what I expected. A great substitute for munching on carrot sticks!


Pineapple Snacks: Bite-sized crunchy slices of real pineapple, one whole portion of fruit in each bag and no additives or salt – you know the drill by now 🙂 This packet contains 53 calories and 0.4g of fat, one of the lowest but one of the sweetest. A lovely light texture that will give you that sweet boost, much better than a mars bar and much better for getting in that bikini in a few months time.


Smoothie Melts: 

Banana, Mango & Passion Fruit, Strawberry & Banana and Blackcurrant & Apple.

These packets are crunchy, bubbly, melty bites of 100% fruit which has been whizzed and freeze dried and again are one of your five a day. These packets have between 21-22 calories a pack and 0.02-0.03g of fat – excellent again for those who are calorie counting. 

The Banana, Mango & Passion Fruit looks a bit like cinder toffee, but really do melt in your mouth and honestly tastes just like a smoothie. Again, with it being 100% fruit, you can really taste the individual fruits and they are mixed really well so that you get a mixture of each.


Strawberry & Banana are pink in colour and again these taste like having a smoothie from a piece of sweet. Very bizarre but at the same time thoroughly enjoyable and scrumptious. These are a really good idea for having a snack on the go instead of buying regular sweets and I will definitely be repurchasing these in the future.


Blackcurrant & Apple are dark purple, and I think the colours make them fun to ear for the younger ones. These are softer than the other two flavours, but certainly not lacking in taste. As in all of the Smoothie Melts, the ingredients are basic, and in this flavour, are concentrated apple juice, apple, banana and blackcurrant. You really cannot argue with such natural snacks and they are a brilliant idea for children, to replace more sugary, fatty snacks and to get their vitamins and nutrition. 


Fruit Wiggles:

Strawberry, Tropical and Apple

These packets contain fruit that has been pureed and made into wriggly fruit snacks. They include no added sugar, salt or additives and are as always made with real fruit and are one of your five a day. They contain 40-43 calories a packet and 0.0-0.1g of saturated fat, which makes them a brilliant healthier option than a packet of sweets. 

Strawberry look like little strawberry laces and have a lovely texture without being too soft or too tough for little (or braced) teeth. A lovely fruity flavour which makes you feel like youre having jelly sweets.


Tropical again are like the traditional sweet laces, and include the tastes of mango, papaya, pineapple and apple.


Apple are probably my favourite flavour as I love most things with an apple taste and are made with apples (duh) and concentrated apple juice. I think these would also be good mixed with cereals or porridge to add some sweetness and colour.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely little snack tasting session and I love the idea and reality of each of these snack products. I will admit that I am not the best at ensuring I eat my five a day of fruit and vegetables and these are a good way of topping that up. With little ones that are teething, and teens and adults that have braces, these are also a good way of getting real fruit and vegetables down, as I know that I can’t eat raw fruit and vegetables unless I cut them up in to tiny pieces at the moment. I will definitely be purchasing some of the range, especially whilst my brace is still on!

Visit the Kiddylicious site at 

A very full but now healthy 😉 Kathryn xx


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