Jo Hansford Haircare

Shampoo, conditioner, anti-frizz, volumising, smoothing, anti-dandruff, styling gel, wax, mousse, spray….The world of hair care is a complex one. Different results, fragrances, brands, prices from 30p to £35 a bottle and probably higher. Where on earth do we start? Here at The Kats Paws, we like to try products out for you and make your purchase decisions a little easier. We were recently sent some hair care products from Jo Hansford. Jo Hansford was recently voted the best hair salon in London by the Mayfair Awards and is renowned for expert hair colouring and styling. The company have released a compact range of styling products, with something for every need but without too much choice, which for me is perfect as I think in some situations, too much choice is not a positive thing. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, oils and a handy travel range. I tried out the Volumising Shampoo and the Everyday Conditioner, which at £15 and £17 are at a higher price point than your average Supermarket hair care brands but cheaper than the likes of Aveda and Kerastase. Both of these items are made in the UK and contain UV filters which is good for when the sunshine comes out to play, which hopefully and eventually it will soon :). The bottles are packaged in card boxes with a simple but classy cream, gold and brown colour scheme and are both 250ml bottles. 


The fragrance of the products was so fresh, clean and invigorating, which was perfect for waking me up a little after a bad night’s sleep due to a bad cold and cough, and lathered well without feeling too soapy. The only down side to the bottles is that it a screw cap, which for me is a bit finnicky when youre trying to wash your hair, but thats just a minor niggle. The conditioner looked quite thick as it came out of the bottle, which worried me as I thought it might make my hair lank and greasy, but once I smoothed it on my hair, I was actually quite surprised as it felt light and fresh. As neither the shampoo or conditioner had that cheap, soapy feel, they seemed to wash out really well and didnt feel like they had left any residue, which does tend to make my hair lank. 


I dried my hair as normal, without using a blow dry brush, just the regular hairdryer, and my hair looked healthy, shiny, and had volume without feeling too built up. Very pleased with the result although for me personally, it is something I would purchase as a treat rather than to use on a daily basis at this price point. Here is a picture of me after my blowdry, rocking my Adnan Januzaj necklace from Tatty Devine. For those that know me, I love football and often go to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United, and Januzaj is my favourite player and so I had this made direct from Tatty Devine as a Christmas present. So my lazy Sunday is going to be spent sniffling, coughing, watching Manchester United on the television and trying out some new snacks, on which I shall be reporting on that later. Please excuse the roots as I am growing my hair out 🙂 and the braces! haha!


Have a lovely Sunday whatever you are doing

Kathryn xx




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