Jewel Candle

I’m an avid Instagram user, and one of the things (apart from Selfies) that I see more and more of is Yankee Candles. Candles have always been around – long before Instagram and even electricity and you can now get them in every scent, style and price point going! My recent favourite is Yankee’s Pineapple Cilantro, totally reminds me of being on holiday! But recently we were asked if we would like to review an item called Jewel Candle….I had heard of these in America but hadn’t seen them available to purchase over here. 


There are a variety of fragrances to choose from, and we chose Candy Floss. When the candle arrived, it was a gorgeous candy pink, in a glass container with a lid and wrapped up in a beautiful white ribbon. Now for those of you that haven’t heard of Jewel Candles before, they are a candle (Yes really) which have either a ring or a pair of earrings hidden inside. Once you burn the candle down it reveals the piece of jewellery that is packed safely inside a special foil that is fire resistant. The piece of jewellery inside is worth between £10-250! 


I love a surprise, and have recently been chomping on Kinder Surprise eggs as they are on offer at Tesco, and therefore, along with my impatient nature, I couldn’t wait to get started on the candle burning and so I ran a bath and lit the candle. The fragrance was gorgeous, not too overpowering, but lingered afterwards so that you could still smell it when you walked back into the room. After 45 minutes the candle had barely moved. So the next morning I lit the candle again, and then again on the evening, still no luck! Basically to cut a long story short I have been burning this candle every day, as often as possible for the last three weeks! and then FINALLY I could see the silver foil coming to the top. I removed the foil parcel from the candle (after the wax had cooled down – no one wants their manicure ruining), and opened it up to find a pretty silver ring with some clear crystals set within it. 


I really love the surprise, fun element to the this candle, and you certainly get a lot of burning time from the candle, mine is still only half way down. The one niggle I have is that when Jewel Candles were originally released, there was a label attached to the ring or earrings that told you how much your piece was worth, and when I opened the ring I was rather disappointed to find this was no longer the case – after a bit of Googling I discovered its down to some legality and they suggest you can take the piece of jewellery to a jewellers to get it valued. It is also a wonderful gift, for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day etc and at £24.99 I believe it is excellent value as you get a very good sized candle and a piece of jewellery that can be worth up to £250, which is certainly something that you do not get with the £20 Yankee jars! 



Kathryn xx



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