Q Awe Body Spray

Does everyone remember Charlie body spray? Or is that my age presenting itself? I used this, and Impulse ‘Kiss Me’ throughout that awkward teenage phase of life where you want to start wearing perfume but your pocket money just doesn’t stretch.

So when the KatsPaws offered me Q Awe I have to say I was a bit dubious… won’t I smell like a teenager again? It’s not exactly an aroma you hear people writing sonnets about…

My doubts where completely unfounded though as Q Awe was actually really lovely! The fragrance was so fresh, with hints of orange and lemon and unlike many eau de toilettes the smell also lasted all day which was a big benefit… I’ve had many a mishap when reapplying perfume and accidentally spraying the man sat next to me on the bus! (Please tell me I’m not alone in this?)

The product also lasted much longer than it’s small stature would imply as well, and at a bargainous price of just £2.29 from most high-street pharmacies you really can’t go wrong.

For me this is the ideal spray to keep in your gym bag as it is compact and easy to carry around, as well as boasting a really freshing smell. So for all those of you still going to the gym in mid-January (well done you!!) why not treat yourself to this little beauty – I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.


Holly x


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