St Tropez Instant Tan

Fake tan is something that can go really well or really awful, and to get it right can take a bit of practise.

I’ve tried quite a few brands on the market, from high end to Primark, and one of my favourites is a £2.99 St Moritz available in four shades (Original, Light, Medium and Dark) from shops such as Home Bargains, Poundstretcher and B&M.

But there’s one brand which has been around for years and leads the sunless tanning market, and that is St Tropez.

I tried out the Instant tan, which I think is fairly new in the St Tropez range as I haven’t seen or used it before.

I’m a big fan of instant tans as the results are, well, instant! You don’t have to wait for it to develop and can see if you have any streaks or missed patches straight away, so can sort them out to achieve an all over, professional and natural looking tan. I’m a big fan of Rimmel instant tan as it’s quick and easy to apply with minimal streaking and washes straight off again when you have a shower!

The St Tropez has a different consistency to Rimmel, more creamy than gel like, but just as easy to apply.

It has a strong colour. I used the Light/Medium which comes out pretty dark, so if you want a really light sun kissed look I’d go for a different brand, but this one was perfect for me. It is also a matte tan, which I much prefer to some tans with glittery pigments in, making you look more ‘Sun goddess’ and less ‘Edward Cullen’.

The tube lasts quite a long time too, so it’s good value for money at £10 per tube- slightly more expensive than other tans on the market but you pay for the quality. It’s also water resistant so a spot of rain or a spilt drunk doesn’t effect it too much, unlike Rimmel instant tan which results in you looking like you have a disease!

The smell is also pleasant, as I know a lot of people avoid fake tan for that reason. I personally love the smell of some fake tans but this one doesn’t smell chemically or biscuity which is brilliant.

I’ve used this tan a few times now and will definitely be purchasing a full sized tube soon, especially when I’m feeling pasty and blue in this English winter weather!



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