Postify App

Postcards seem quite a dated thing in 2014. In fact, all post does.

Bills are now paid online and sent through emails, letters are Facebook messages and I guess ‘Having a great time, weather lovely, wish you were here!’ can be fit into a 140 character Tweet for all your friends and followers to see- alongside a ‘selfie’ of you looking tanned, sipping a cocktail on the beach (just to add that extra blow to anyone sat at work freezing cold!)

But the Postify app has come up with something different. Instead of sending a standard postcard with a picture of the Greek sea, or a Spanish dancer, you can upload a picture of your choice to print on the card and add a personal touch.

The picture quality is good too, and printed onto a piece of card which won’t get too damaged through the Royal Mail system.

They’re also a cute idea just to send as a little note and your favourite picture to a friend, or to send a Good Luck, Congratulations or Get Well Soon message or keep sake.

The app is easy to use and free to download on an iPhone. The postcards are only £1.59 each, which is brilliant, and you can instantly upload photos from your phone, computer, Facebook or Instagram to print onto cards.

They’re a great way to put a smile on someone’s face- and lets face it, everyone loves post!


(Clockwise from top left: me and my Uni friends on Sadie’s birthday last year; Keira’s 21st night out in Birmingham two years ago with the girls; Me on my graduation day in 2012; Me, Laura and LC in Kavos 2012; four of my favourite pictures from Zante 2013)


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