Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Range

I’ve always been really rubbish with my skin routine. Sometimes I don’t even take my make-up off which is horrendous, I just pick all my eye make-up off whilst enthralled in Eastenders, or whilst reading the latest book I’m in the middle of reviewing.

But now I’m 23, I want to start taking care of my skin properly, which I’ll thank myself for in 20 years or so! I’ve been on the look out for a good day and night cream , so when Manuka Doctor sent us a few of their products to test out I was pretty excited.


I’ve seen a few celebrities and bloggers talk about this brand of skin care due to it’s pretty strange ingredient- purified Bee Venom!

The bee venom in the products help promote the skins elasticity, helping towards the overall age-defying formula. The cream also contains manuka honey from New Zealand, which is well known for its skincare benefits.


The creams aim to nourish and restore the skins softness, refine the appearance of wrinkles, brighten and smooth the skins appearance, make skin appear toned and youthful and hydrate and energise the skin.

I’ve been using the products for a couple of weeks now and my skin feels amazing. A tiny little bit makes your skin feel extremely soft and nourished, and the appearance of my skin has improved- my skin tone looks even and brighter.

The pots of cream are a little pricey at about £24.99 per pot, but there are slightly cheaper products in the range that you can try out first if you’re a bit unsure.

It’s also worth doing a patch test because the first time I used it, I went into blind panic thinking what if I’m allergic to bee stings! I’m not, so it wasn’t a problem but if you are I don’t recommend even thinking of using this…


Check out for more information and the full range.

There is also a Try Me Kit on offer for FREE! All you need I do is pay a P&P charge of £2.50! (It’s worth £15.99 so an absolute steal!)

The link for that is

Be right back… I’m ordering mine as we speak!

Emily x


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