Anatomicals Products

These products are something that have caught my eye in the past, due to their cheeky slogans and fun packaging, so when Anatomicals sent us a selection of their products I was really excited to give them a go!

First up, the hand sanitiser:


I’ve had this little blue bottle on my desk at work for a few weeks now, and every time, the slogan (see above) makes me giggle.

The foam smells divine and my hands feel clean and soft after using it. Working in an office, germs are everywhere, so after one bought of the flu already this winter, I try to avoid catching anything again! A couple of squirts of this now and again seems to be working so far!

Another product I’ve been using constantly is the Snog Me Senseless mints.


Another little slogan that makes me chuckle, these mints are in a handy little tin that you can stash in your pocket or bag easily for that little burst of freshness.

They taste strong and fresh, which is lovely, and the tin has a black plastic layer inside to keep the mints fresh, with a little hole to pop one out at a time. This is also a good idea if you’re clumsy like me, as they don’t burst out everywhere when you open the tin or if you drop it!

Finally, I’ve been using the Anatomicals face masks:


Again, the packaging is just brilliant and really appealing to a younger audience like myself (especially the Grease packet!)

Just tonight, I’ve used the Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell mask after waking up this morning with the mother of all spots on my chin.

Since using it, my skin feels deeply cleansed, soft and smooth and I can feel my spot going down by the second!


If you fancy a few fun beauty products that put a smile on your face, go for these! It’s the little things in the day that make you chuckle that put a smile on your face, and incorporating these cheeky slogans onto day to day products is a brilliant idea.

The products are available from Asos, Superdrug and various other websites, and prices start at as little as £1.55 for the mints!


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