Sheer Cover Make-Up

A few weeks ago, my Rimmel stay matte powder did something that a lot of you girls can relate to. It was one of those mornings when you open your clutch after a night out to discover three devastating things;

1) The only cash you have left is 20p, which was the change from your calorific cheesy chip fix at the end of the night.

2) Your lack of cash obviously wasn’t a problem due to the receipt for £30 after feeling generous and getting a round in.

3) You must have got slightly too Beyonce on the dance floor and dropped your bag. Dropped it with force. All that’s left of your saviour powder is a few broken crumbs.

Oh cripes…

So I raided my make up and blog bags (which are over ruling my bedroom at the minute) and came across a couple of Sheer Cover products that we were sent.

The packaging is extremely simple. Just plain white boxes aren’t something that jumps out to you on the shelves or amongst your products, and doesn’t give you the best first impression. But in the interest of never judging a book by its cover, I marched through that wall and tried it out.

Mineral make up is one of the hottest innovations in beauty right now – and for good reason. Hollywood make up artists are raving about the coverage that mineral make up achieves, by hiding imperfections and giving a healthy glow. If it’s good enough for celebs then it sure is good enough for me!

Firstly, I tried out the powder. The loose powder wasn’t the easiest to get out without spilling it everywhere but the product itself was really good!

It gave an even and matte coverage, and the colour was a brilliant match on top of my foundation, which is always a positive. It felt thick yet not claggy in the slightest and felt smoother and easier to apply than a pressed powder.

After finding the powder so impressive, the next day I have the concealer a test too.

The concealer was split into three sections; a light colour, a darker colour and a white highlighter.

At first, I thought it was to suit any skin tone, but as I used it more I think the lighter colour works well on the under eye, the darker matches well to cover spots and blemishes, and the white is a brilliant tone for on the brow and cheek bones!

I’m really impressed with these products and there’s some amazing deals on the website, including entire sets for as little as £30.

If you’re after mineral make up, this is the brand to go for!



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