Magnitone Pulsar

As soon as I took this product out of the box I loved the look of it. The first thing I noticed was the charging cradle and two brush heads, which could be handy for all different areas of the body. From the very first use, you can feel a difference to your skin. Although the first time obviously doesn’t appear to give visible results, my skin felt smoother and softer, making me optimistic for the results in a few weeks!


The Magnitone has 4 brush settings, 3 of them are speeds and one is a massage function. You wouldn’t think a brush could massage but it has a really strong pulse. it is also designed to be used as a body brush as well as a facial cleanser, hence the different brush heads. the brush felt a little rough and this could be because the bristles are rather long, or may be just because it is a new brush which may soften over time. 

I loved how it can be used in the bath or shower, so it’s quick and easy as part of your daily routine. The fact that you use it for 20 seconds on you cheeks, 20 seconds on your chin and neck and 20 on your nose and forehead means it’s only a minute of time in your morning and on the night, which is also brilliant for the results you can achieve and ideal for the girl on the go. It’s also quite relaxing when you use it, especially in the bath!


The fact it comes with a charger, rather than being battery operated is brilliant, as battery’s can be annoying and expensive, and the cradle it comes with means it can be popped on the side of the bath or on the bathroom shelf really easily.

Other benefits include, the fact that it is waterproof, the charging time is 15 hours for 3 weeks of brushing (1 minute morning and night) and the replacement brush heads are 2 for £15.99 which is much cheaper than other brands.

Another brilliant point to make is that there is a setting for sensitive skin as well as normal/combination skin, so its suitable for anyone and everyone! It’s gentle on the skin anyway, and didn’t cause any redness, which is something that has happened in the past from products similar. You can also use your own cleanser suitable for your own personal skin.

Overall, the product is brilliant and I can see such a difference in my skin from using it. My skin looks healthy and glowing, younger and smoother as well as feeling softer and cleansed!

For further information and stockists, please check out the website for the latest prices.



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