Kiss False Eyelashes

If you’re a dedicated reader of The Kats Paws, you’ll have read before about how much I love my Eylure eyelashes and had never found any other brand that comes close.

That was, however, until we were sent a couple of sets of the Kiss Haute Couture lashes in ‘Lust’. These eyelashes are suitable for fans, like myself, of Eylure 140 and 145s. The lashes are a lovely shape and look great on the eye. They’re thick and long, brilliant for a night out and are durable. I’m still using the pair over and over again. As long as you look after them well, store them in the box, and avoid crying and rain, they’ll last as long a long time!

The eyelashes are easy to apply, but as always, I’d apply a few layers of glue on the first wear, just to make sure they stick well.

The curved edge fits on top of the lashes well too, and with a layer of mascara before and after, they look really natural.

The pack also comes with a pair of plastic tweezers, which are simple and handy to use if you don’t wear eyelashes a lot or struggle getting them in place. Although I don’t have any scientific evidence, I could also imagine that the plastic tweezers are better than metal tweezers for the falsies as well as your real lashes if you get them caught.

The eyelashes are available from Boots and Asda, as well as various outlets in the US.

They cost £5.49 in Boots, which is a similar price to Eylure, but they’re definitely worth a try if you fancy something different, as they come in lots of different styles!

Happy fluttering 🙂



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