Dentek Easy Brushes

After a busy couple of months for The Kats Paws, I’ve started to think of a few features that will be uploaded in the New Year. One, which a lot of bloggers and vloggers do, is ‘What’s In My Bag?’- mine will probably be a long one as I have the world’s biggest bags and are rammed with everything but the kitchen sink; make up and beauty products, 15 hair bobbles, sweets, chewing gum, cards for every store you can think of, pens, notebooks, occasionally a couple of pairs of sunglasses (yes, in winter), actual glasses (that I hardly ever wear and really should!), a lot of crumbs and the must have item for every girls bag – about 71 receipts that are so old that the print has worn off and I have no idea what it was that I bought!

Recently, we were sent something that has been in my handbag for a couple of weeks now, and that is a packet of Dentek Brushes. I hate how my mouth feels after eating lunch and into the afternoon and would love to sit at my desk and give my teeth a good brush sometimes, but sadly, I think it would be frowned upon.

I love Extra chewing gum, and currenty have a box of Anatomicals mints in my bag too (more on Anatomicals products coming soon!), but sometimes, a little nifty brush in the gaps is exactly what you need!


They’re an easy way to floss and deep clean around trouble spots, removing plaques and tiny pieces of food that you miss when brushing. The durable, tapered brush is easy to use and the handle features a non-slip flexible grip for comfort and control. They also have a really thin wire on the brush part, so can get into the smallest of gaps or slight overlaps.

They’re a great alternative to dental floss too, which is oftern fiddly, slippery and, let’s face it, looks a bit minging when you pull it out of your mouth.

Not only are they easy to use and make your mouth feel cleaner, they’re also an excellent extra bit of dental care. And, as you know from previous posts, we’re always trying to get the whitest teeth you can imagine.

They’re also really good for people who wear braces, as they clean any extra bits stuck really carefully without damaging your brace or teeth!

I’d suggest everyone get some of these, as they’re such a handy and cheap little thing that you can carry around all the time! They have handy little lids so can be stored and reused hygienically, and also have a fresh mint taste!

The brushes are about £3 per pack dependent on the style and amount in the pack. For more information visit!


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