Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails

I used to absolutely love having acrylic nails done, but after a painful and unfortunate incident involving a sliding balcony door, a stressed Emily trying to get ready in 40 degree heat and a set of freshly painted coral acrylics, I’ve kind of gone off them.

My friends have been getting Shellac done on their nails recently and the results are incredible, so I’m going to definitely start getting that done in the New Year, but at present, we’ve had so many nail varnises and nails to review, I let the Shellac take a back seat.

Last week, I decided to test out the Impress nails. They were a gorgeous pink colour, which I loved.


The nails came in a cute plastic bottle, in a similar shape to a nail varnish bottle, which i thought was a really good touch, but the best part about them was that there was no glue! They call it a ‘revolutionary way to apply polish’ which includes:

  • + No drying time
  • + Superior, lasting shine
  • + Easy removal
  • + Lasts up to a week

Firstly, I prepped my nails. As you can see, they were vile.


I then matched each nail to the size of the stick ons, which was pretty easy to do, peeled off the back and pressed them down.

Voila, I had nails!


My only qualm is that they didn’t last very long… one witheld a single night, and I ended up losing another so pulled the rest off.

However, if you are going on a night out and need your nails doing perfectly and quickly, these are a brilliant solution!

Visit for more details!


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