Flexitol Hand Balm and Lip Balm

The weather has been surprisingly mild recently really hasn’t it. I mean, usually at this time of the year we have about 6 inches of sludge to wade through. I’m still in my leather jacket, but LOVING my tartan Zara scarf (£19.99)


However, my hands and lips are feeling the chill a lot more than anywhere else. I’m usually a fan of Soap and Glory hand cream, as i love the smell, but I have a new favourite and that is Flexitol Hand Balm. I use the Flexitol heel balm in the summer months, and I’ve never been let down by it, so couldn’t wait to give these products a go.

The bottle says it is for very dry hands, with rapid relief, moisturises, protects and claims that I would feel the difference from Day 1.

They really are not lying- my hands are so soft and moisturised. I started out using it a few times a day, after washing my hands or coming in from the cold usually, but since using it I only find myself applying it about once a day!

It also smells lovely, not chemically in the slightest, yet with a lemony scent to it.

I’ve also been using Flexitol lip balm for severely dry and chapped lips. I had a cold a few weeks ago and this was a GOD SEND, making my lips feel back to their old selves.

My lips also looks softer and smoother and there is no dryness or discomfort.

I would definitely recommend anyone with either chapped hands or chapped lips to try these out- they’re miracle workers!

Prices vary for these items, but the hand balm comes in at around £4 and the lip balm just over £3.

For more information, visit www.flexitol.com.



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