Elegant Touch Envy Wraps

Holly’s done another post for us on her opinion of the nail wraps!

“I know it’s not a very girly thing to declare, but I’m not a big fan of doing my nails. In fact I have never actually stepped foot in a nail salon. It’s not that I don’t like my nails to look good, I paint them regularly; it’s just that I’m not really into the fussing about of it all…I’m more of a get ready and go kind of girl, if you catch my drift.

So when The KatsPaws asked me to try out an at-home nail art kit, I had my reserves. But taking the approach of a complete manicure-virgin, I prepped my talons for a bit of pampering and dived right in. Here’s what I found, as a completely clueless first-timer, about nail wraps and accents.

Elegant Touch are quite the heavy weight when it comes to nail art, and have ranges by House Of Holland and Little Mix. They’re also very reasonably priced at around £5 per pack from most major pharmacies, so they are convenient to pick up with the rest of your shopping.

I prepped my nails with a clear based coat, as per the instructions, and then mentally prepared myself for the creative challenge to follow! The little pack – my chosen design was ‘Black and Diamond’, which are fashionable, and look really special – comes with 18 wraps and a card of various silver and pink diamante accents.

My first issue was the size of the wraps – my fingers are pretty long and thin (Emily has kindly referred to them as ‘witch-y’ before….thanks Em!) The widest size fitted my thumb really well, but the medium sizes were either too big or too small for my fingers. I carried on with the application anyway, but on fingers where the wrap was too big there were bubbles underneath the colouring where I couldn’t quite get it smooth. Also the accents are all connected so you have to cut each pattern out…and my shaky, uncreative hands left some of them looking fairly messy.

It was a shame really because they looked so nice on the packet, and the colours were right up my street! I think that possibly with a bit more practice I would be able to perfect the art and I’m sure that Elegant Touch’s other wraps, which only feature the accents, would be much easier to apply. Maybe those of you more accustomed to nail art application will love them, they’re just a little bit difficult for beginners I would say.”

Emily: Even though they were difficult to apply, much like all nail wraps unless you have the perfect sized nails for them, I still think they look pretty good for a first time attempt! Thanks Hol 🙂



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