Kat’s Weekly Paw Prints #3

Good Evening!

Firstly, apologies for this being around a week late, but this past week or two have been crazy for both Emily and myself…we have, at work, what’s called Christmas Pull Up, which means we have to work longer hours than normal and extra days.

Have you all got your Christmas trees up? My Goddaughter Willow came to stay on Friday night for a sleepover as we were going shopping on Saturday morning, and even though it wasn’t technically December I said we could put the decorations up. So after trawling through boxes and bags of decorations, we finally chose a pink and gold theme for the tree…

Seen as I’ve been seeing trees, garlands and wreaths, I am (still) feeling rather festive…and so I decided to try out a fir green nail polish this week. As usual I used my OPI base and top coat, the Nails Inc Plumping top coat followed off by my new saviour the Elegant Tough Rapid Dry Spray. I also just recently discovered another NAIL HERO – the Bourjois 1 Seconde Dissolvant. It is a little pink pot with a nail polish remover soaked sponge inside…you pop your nail in there, give it a twirl and whoosh your nail polish comes off. Now I must be honest and say it takes a few seconds rather than just one but it is still much easier and quicker than the traditional way although I haven’t yet tried it on the dreaded glitter polishes!


So, here it is, Nails Inc Green Park…it is kind of a tealy green, and certainly reminds me of a fir tree! Quite bland for me to be honest but that makes a refreshing change, as there is so much glitter and sparkle going on everywhere right now, it is easy to match it with things.

New Image2

New Image

Also, if you have instagram, I am currently on there kjw130384 and will be revealing what I receive in the Boots Advent Calendar each day.

Fir Tree Love

Kathryn x x x


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