Zandra Rhodes Quilt Covers

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, (@thekatspaws1 if you don’t) you may have seen that we were excited about some bed linen we were sent from Zandra Rhodes.


Having been in the industry for years, the eccentric English fashion designer creates the most iconic, dramatic, extrovert and glamorous prints. The bed linen we were lucky enough to have been sent did not disappoint. Being one of the new wave British designers who put a London at the forefront of the international fashion scene in the 1970s, she has designed for the likes of Diana Princess of Wales and Freddie Mercury.


Since then, she’s branched out into bed linen, accessories, jewellery, phone cases- you name it, you can probably get a Zandra Rhodes design on it. The iconic face and eccentric appearance has also featured on Absolutely Fabulous, Project Catwalk and she’s even the founder of the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Now, there are two types of people in the world- those who love the crisp feeling of brand new bedding straight out of the product, and those who have to wash and iron it before putting it on their bed. Obviously, as always, myself and Kathryn have the two different views.

We were sent two sets of bedding for our rooms, and here’s our personal review of which one we chose (which was also an easy decision- it’s great running a blog together when you have different tastes!)

Emily chose:

The floral bed cover featured a crisp white background, which contrasted the bright colours featured in the print. The colour scheme in my room is a berry pink and cream, the berry colour not dissimilar to that featured in the pattern, so Anoushka was an easy choice to pick- and it looked great when it was on my bed.


The print features bright like green, deep pink, sky blue and orange, making it easy to fit into a variety of bedroom colour schemes.

I have always loved the crispness of a brand new bed sheet, so decided not to wash my bedding before putting it on. The polyester cotton blend was soft and you could feel he quality of this product.

The Zandra Rhodes name embossed on the pattern gave it a luxurious look, but the boldness of the print I thought gave away who the designer was- it was nice to not have Primark/ supermarket bed covers on though!

Overall I absolutely love this bedding. I’d usually go for a smaller floral ditsy print, in softer shades of pinks and spring greens, but this was a refreshing change! I’d definitely get a bolder pattern again in the future.

I haven’t washed the bedding yet, but I already sense that the colours definitely won’t run out of it. I will let you know soon though, as I’ve got fake tan on it already… Being a girl is so hard sometimes!

Kathryn chose:


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