Sleep In Rollers

We were recently sent a set of Sleep In Rollers, which are PERFECT for any upcoming Christmas party or for New Year’s Eve! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get this online, a few of you may have seen on our Twitter how excited we were about them and I’ve been super busy so have only just got around to completing the blog post!


For a while now, I’ve been looking up different brands and reviews to find the best ones to use. Although I have naturally horrific curly hair, the larger sleek curled look is something I always struggle to achieve.

The Sleep In Rollers are a god send as you don’t have to sit around for hours waiting for your hair to set, or have to be seen in public wearing them. You simply stick them in before bed then sleep on them.

I did think that these would be extremely uncomfortable, but they weren’t as bad as you would imagine. I did wake up a few times due to discomfort, but i sleep on my front meaning I could angle the pillow around my head. They’re also soft so you don’t have hard bits of metal sticking in your head.

Now, I don’t think I used mine quite right the first time round, as although I had more volume, the curls weren’t the best. I think you need to use them a good couple of times to really get the nack for them!

How to Use:

•Section your hair into parts, equal side sections and then one section through the centre

•Begin with the middle section, starting with the front and take about a 2cm width section and begin to curl around the roller from the end upwards to the root. Secure the section with a clip. (Clips do come with the packet but any bobby pin will do.)

•Continue this for the whole front section then both side parted sections from top to bottom. of the parted sections, and again for the back of the hair. The back is the most difficult so i got a friend to help me out.

•Leave curlers in overnight.

•Remove grips and rollers starting from the bottom. Twist the curl around your finger to put it in place then spray with hairspray- My favourites at the minute are VO5 and Umberto Giannini Backcomb spray.


We got ours sent from Sleep In Rollers at The ultra girly and glamorous glitter rollers that we have are £29.99, which is the gift set including a durable carrier bag. The bag is currently housing all my blog products and is so handy!


Celebrities also love Sleep In Rollers, with stars such as Chloe Sims, Lydia Bright and Jess Wright amongst the fans!

They’re perfect for your Christmas party or as a gift!


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