Lotil Moisturiser

Recently, we’ve been inundated with samples to test on almost every part of the body! Just last night I tried out four different moisturisers at once- one on each limb! So when our friend and colleague Holly McKenzie offered to test something out (she just wanted a freebie we reckon) we let her try out the Lotil moisturiser…

Here’s a snap of Hol!


Christmas is fast approaching – my favourite time of year. I love everything about the festive season – the fairy lights that illuminate our high streets, the smell of mulled wine, eating an entire tin of Quality Street and sitting down with the whole family to gorge on roast turkey and all the trimmings. It is utter bliss.

The one downside of December 25th fast approaching is the rapid change in weather, from the mild crispness of Autumn to the bitter chill of winter, which brings with it a misfortune most girls will deal with year in and year out – dry skin.

Having the central heating on is an inevitability of winter, but it has a horrible habit of drying out your skin. I suffer with dry upper arms particularly, so when Lotil offered us a sample of their moisturiser to try I jumped at the chance. With 100 years in the industry, they must know what they’re doing, right?

I started using the cream straight away, and noticed results almost instantly. Where once I has dry, red patches I all of a sudden had skin that was smooth to touch. The cream is so rich that even just a small amount has a really noticable effect so in addition working perfectly it is also great value for money, as the 50ml tube will last ages! The one small downside was the smell, which is slightly more medicinal than I would like – but I got over that pretty quickly, as the softness of my skin was more than a fair trade off! It offered absolutely perfect results.

I am thrilled with how well Lotil worked, and more than that I am now very excited at the prospect of having my arms out in strapless dresses at this year’s Christmas celebrations, without worrying about dry skin.

Bring on the parties!


Lotil moisturiser is available from independent pharmacists at a bargain price of £3.08


3 thoughts on “Lotil Moisturiser

    • Holly has been raving about it! I have a pot that I’ve been testing out too and feel exactly the same! My skin feels so soft but the smell is very antiseptic like! I think it would be brilliant on eczema etc too, it works wonders! Well worth a try 🙂 Emily x

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