Trevor Sorbie

As I’ve written about before, my hair is a pure nightmare. It does what it wants, when it wants. And really, it’s the bane of my life.

So, I’m always open to test out straightening products that promise to go further than my GHDs can.

The bar is set high after my new favourite product was delivered to me in the form of Neil and Wolf Silk Balm, so when Trevor Sorbie sent their straightening shampoo and conditioner, excitement levels were high.

At £5.29 per bottle, the quality of the product was as high as expected. It smelt divine, and you didn’t need to use a huge amount, so could tell the bottle would last a good few weeks, especially if, like me, you don’t wash your hair everyday. I’m more a 3 times a week kind of girl.

The consistency was good, and the product felt professional, like the sort you’d have used on you at an expensive hairdressers.

The smell was lovely. I’m always a massive fan of a really nice smelling shampoo, often opting for Herbal Essences as all their varieties have different smells.

I could tell the difference in my hair straight away when blow drying. My hair looked smoother and straighter, and after using he GHDs it was even better.

Who’d have thought, there ARE products out there to tame my mane! If only I’d started blogging 10 years ago!

The full range is available from, or from their salons.



2 thoughts on “Trevor Sorbie

  1. I love high end shampoo smells, they are just such a treat! £5 isn’t too bad really when it cheers up your day 🙂 Wish I could get away with 3 washes a week, i’d be going through £20 in dry shampoo. 😦 booo! Nice post xx

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