House of Dorchester Chocolates

Yes, we try and fail every Monday to start that diet again. We go through fads, try that 5:2 diet which clearly just makes you raid the fridge, but like everyone else in the world, sweets always somehow end up on your desk again.

At The Kats Paws, our staple diet involves chocolate. And some more chocolate. And Christmas is coming, which gives us another excuse to eat more chocolate. It’s just a shame when that party dress doesn’t do up and you have to crawl back into the shop with your tail between your legs to get the next size.

Just remember:


So when posh chocolatier House of Dorchester sent us a box of their chocs, we very much enjoyed life.


The box we received was the Mint Connoisseur Collection. Now mint isn’t my favourite chocolate in the world but I’m never going to turn down chocolate…


Initially, the packaging is gorgeous. It would be perfect for a present at Christmas or for a birthday, either on its own or to accompany a token gift.

Each chocolate was in a paper case, giving an extra bit of luxury, and the green foil wrapped sweets looked like jewels.


The taste of the chocolates themselves were of an extremely high quality- not to everyone’s taste, if I’m honest, and the mint was really strong unlike other ‘mint’ chocolates that only have a hint of flavouring. These have a pure mint extract.

In the box, you get a selection of dark, white and milk chocolate with peppermint extract. One is a peppermint cream, one a truffle, one a mint crunch, which was my personal favourite and the other a milk chocolate mint truffle covered in white choc.

The white chocolate mint was something I’d never come across before, and surprisingly it really worked well together.

Overall, the chocolates were delicious and the quality of the packaging and taste was extremely high.

At £9.99 a box, they are definitely worth the price for a gift. Considering you’d pay £6 or £7 for a box of any other brand, these exude class and sophistication, making them perfect to give to someone special. Boyfriends and husbands around the country- these are the ones to grovel with!

See for more details!



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