Zeo Drinks

Although we all try to drink as much water as physically possible to rehydrate, keep our skin clear and be as healthy as possible, sometimes all you want is a cold can of Coke. Fizzy drinks are full to the brim with sugar and preservatives, but then again, we’re told chocolate isn’t good either. Chocolate is made of cocoa beans, beans are vegetables, vegetables are healthy. And this is the ode I will stick by for eternity. So when Zeo sent us a selection of their healthier soft drinks, could this be what we’ve been looking for? A bit of non-alcoholic fizz?

We were sent three flavours, Crush, Burst and Zest. The drinks are in glass bottles that you could easily double up as a vase. Each drink has just 59 calories a bottle, much less than a can of the usual fizzy drinks. Crush is by far my favourite flavour, it is a pale orange colour and states to be “lightly carbonated soft drink with a citrus twist” although I actually think it reminds me a bit of a peach bellini – scrumptious! Burst is probably my least favourite and is a pinky colour and states it is a “lightly carbonated soft drink with peach and grapefruit”. I couldn’t really taste the peach but I could taste the grapefruit, which is probably why I didn’t like the taste of this one, as grapefruit is a little bitter for my liking. The third bottle, Zest is a white/cream kind of colour and states that it is “lightly carbonated soft drink with zesty lime”. I loved this and found it so refreshing, and I imagine it would be perfect in summer with a drop of gin. Zeo drinks do not have any artificial ingredients and so are safe for youngsters to drink as well as being good for all us adults too. I loved the bottles, and felt like I was drinking something special because of it’s appearance, and the flavours and tastes were so light and refreshing, they are definitely thirst quenchers!



Zeo is available at WH Smiths, Harvey Nichols and Ocado. For more information, check out http://www.drinkzeo.com


Kathryn x x x


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