Tangle Angel

Since appearing on our blog, my beautiful Goddaughter Willow has been inundated with offers of products to try out. Not bad for a four year old! The latest treat we have been sent for her to try, is the new professional detangling brush, the Tangle Angel. Now, on to the girl stuff, it is a pretty pearlized baby pink colour and looks like a pair of angel’s wings, and as Willow pointed out, it is also in the shape of a heart. It is also available in metallic black to suit you rock stars and pearl white and purple for all you fashionistas out there. 


Now on to the scientific part…

* Antibacterial – Specially developed antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic make it ultra hygienic and safe to use

* Anti-static – Anti-static properties prevent flyaway hair leaving it smooth and silky

* Technology – Has a scientifically sculptured base that positions the bristles at different heights, allowing the brush to glide through knots and tangles

* Heat resistant – Retains its shape when used with high temperatures generated by hair dryers



When I gave the brush to Willow, she was so excited – mainly because it was pink, her favourite colour – but also because she knew she could use it herself and after trying it out she said it didn’t hurt at all, and we all know how knotty and sticky children’s hair can get! One of Willow’s favourite games to play is hairdressers, I’ve had ‘plaits’, bunches, bobbles, the whole works, but one thing i normally do not let her do is brush my hair, because until recently when I had a lot of length cut off my hair, it was full of knots and tangles and hurt even when I brushed it, never mind a four year old! But with this brush I had the confidence to let her brush my hair, and not once did I wince! It really does work on knots and tangles, and unless you can see them, you certainly wouldn’t feel you had knots in the first place. 

Here is Willow trying the Tangle Angel out, and not a tear in sight!



The Tangle Angel is suitable for all hair types, including curly, fine, coarse, Afro Caribbean and of course children’s hair! It is priced at a bargainous price of £14.99 and is available at http://www.tangleangel.com



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