Eylure Naturalites False Eyelashes

Kathryn and I have different views on almost every product we get sent to test.

We have different hair types, different skin types and different tastes in make-up and beauty products, so with samples, it’s pretty easy to divide them up between the two of us. One thing we do have in common is that we are false eyelash fanatics. As a self-confessed addict, I can’t go out without sticking on a pair of Eylures. They complete any look, and with such a variety of shapes and sizes, there’s a pair to suit anyone for any occasion. This is where we differ- I’m a 140 or 145 wearer, whereas Kat is a 101.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, each style of eyelash is numbered, making it easy to quickly pick up your usual. So when I’m in a mad rush, running into Superdrug late on a Saturday afternoon to grab emergency supplies for the night time, I never pick up the wrong ones.

Now, I’ve tried almost every brand of eyelash on the shelves, trying to find the cheapest, the most hard wearing and basically the best, and I always, always turn back to Eylure. The quality of their eyelashes are durable, easy to put on and pretty cheap, particularly when they’re on offer, as you get quite a few wears out of each pair if you avoid getting them wet. No getting upset over boys when wearing them (no one looks good in a cry-lash), and avoid even the lightest of showers, and you should be grand.

Eylure lashes are occasionally on 2 for 1 in Boots and Superdrug, and you can often come across double packs too. About two months ago, I picked up two double packs for the price of one single pack (about £5.49) and am still using them now.

Another great thing about Eylure lashes, is that they don’t look too fake. With some brands, the materials are shiny and cheap looking, and as long as you get the right size for your eyes, they can look really quite natural. I’ve also been a great believer in that as long as you have a good glue, your eyelashes won’t fall off whilst you’re twerking away to the latest Rihanna track.

The glue provided with each pack lasts well beyond the eyelashes themselves, so you can always have a good stash. I actually keep a pot in the pocket of each bag I own, so you always have it to hand when you need a top up, or something awful happens to your face. (I cant think of an example, but you just never know! Always be prepared!)


If you’ve never used lashes, here’s my top tips on how to use them CORRECTLY! (My pet hate is when girl’s eyelashes are hanging on their faces)

1) Always choose a size that will suit your face. Sometimes, it will take trial and error, but when you find it, that number will stay with you forever.

2) Make sure the eyelash fits your eye. Hold it up and check it’s not hanging off either side. Not only will it look bad, but it will be horrendously uncomfortable and stabby, and result in the rest of your make up being ruined. Trim the inside down with a pair of nail scissors if theyre too big.

3) Use two layers of glue. Put the glue on, leave it to get tacky, then put another layer, leave that to get tacky, then put them on. They’ll stay much longer and feel a lot more in place, as long as go on easier. When the pair is brand new, this is a must.

4) For the second or third wear, leave the leftover glue on the eyelash- it will, again, stick on much better.

5) By the fourth wear, peel that glue off before adding more, you’ll look like you have an eye disease if not.

6) Don’t curl your eyelashes first, it’s easier to put them on if you don’t.

7) Always apply mascara before and after, it makes them look more natural and blended into your own lashes.

8) Make sure you’re inserting them on top of all your eyelashes, sometimes some get in the way, and you can damage your natural eyelashes if you pull at them too much.

9) Store your eyelashes one on top of the other in the box they came in- this doesn’t damage the eyelashes so they look their best for round two.

10) Always use Eylure glue, even if you’ve opted for a different make- it’s the best I’ve ever come across.




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