We’ve all had those days where you wake up late and the last thing you want to do is wash, blow dry and straighten your hair. It’s a chore; I’ve never met anyone who enjoys doing their own routine. It’s time consuming, occasionally stressful, and downright boring, unless you’re trying out a new product or have just dyed your hair and are awaiting the outcome… which is also occasionally stressful if you’ve stuck a blonde dye on your brown hair. Yes, I do it regularly… with differing outcomes.

So I’ve always been a massive fan of dry shampoo between washes. One quick spritz, massage and brush and your hair no longer looks chip pan sleek. It really is a god send.

I’ve tried a few varieties of dry shampoo in the past, but not one can beat the queen of the canned cleaner; and that, is Batiste.

So when the team sent us their two new fragrances, I couldn’t wait to try them out!

I’ve always thought the smell of Batiste Original is slightly off putting and slightly chemically, so always buy a fragranced variation.

Their two new new fragrances are Floral and Oriental; both of which come in pretty bottles that wouldn’t look out of place on your bedroom shelf. I chose the Floral, purely because everything in my bedroom is floral, with cream wooden hearts dotted around in the form of decorations, mirrors and clocks.

For instance, here it is posing on top of my new bedside cabinet- £35 from good old B&M bargains if you’re interested!:


As you can see, the packaging is so cute in a summery yellow with ditsy print floral design.

The dry shampoo worked just as well as any other Batiste- combating greasy hair, refreshing the style, and creating a clean and fresh look with added body and texture.

The smell was delicate and pretty, with floral hints. There was nothing at all to complain about!

Kat tried out the Oriental can, also in pretty packaging and described the smell as pretty, opulent, fresh and clean. Another winner in the eyes of The Kats Paws!


Both smell like nothing else on the market! Every girl needs a can of Batiste in their bedroom. When you’ve used it once, you won’t know how you’ve lived without it!

Visit for more details!
The range is available in all beauty stores and supermarkets.


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