Neal & Wolf ‘Silk’ Hair Product


Before I tell you more about this product, I need to give you some background information: my hair is horrendous. Naturally, it’s curly, wavy, flicky, frizzy and just generally bamfy. I’m not sure if bamfy is a term you’ve come across before, I may have invented it when I was about 13 and realised how untameable my hair was. You can also use variations such as bamfosity or bamf in general, just in case you wanted to use the adjective yourself. Basically, if it’s cold, warm, humid, raining, snowing or windy, my hair becomes a bamf. And a bamf is never what you want.

In fact, here’s a picture of my hair after one particularly drizzly night out. It was straight when I left the house:


Now we all know how bad my natural hair is, I’ll tell you more about this product.

The lovely team at Neal and Wolfe sent Kathryn and myself two products, one specifically for my hair type, and one for Kathryn’s (more on that one later).

The product I was sent was ‘Silk’, a smoothing blow-dry balm which can be used on all hair types. The bottle states that Silk puts an end to tangles and frizz using a hydrating wheat protein complex, which provides moisture, balance and manageability.

After washing my hair as normal, with good old Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends, I towel dried my hair, brushed it through, then used a 2p sized blob of the balm throughout before blow drying the way I always do (whilst playing on my phone, not looking, with no precision, even though I know I should blow dry it straight). It smelt GORGEOUS, exactly like the products a hairdresser would use and the consistency was thick enough to use without leaving my hair heavy or feeling lank.

The results at this stage took me by complete surprise! I had straight hair instead of looking like Hagrid!

Without even straightening, it was smooth and manageable:


I then straightened it and got ready for a night out. In some places, it felt slightly sticky, but once straightened the whole thing felt soft and smooth, with an added shine:


At this stage, I was still apprehensive about whether it would stay this way, but it was certainly worth a shot.
I went downstairs to wait for a lift and my dad, who wouldn’t notice if I dyed my hair bright pink, said “have you done something different with your hair?!”… So far, so good.

When I met up with the girls, they all asked what I’d done differently with my hair too! I hadn’t noticed exactly how well it had worked until my friends complimented me.

As I went out, the real test started. It was freezing, raining, windy and every bar had the heating on full blast making the places humid. This is my hairs worst nightmare.
But by the end of the night:


A couple of kinks but all in all STILL STRAIGHT!

Since then, I have sworn by this product. Whenever I meet up with people, I’ve had compliments on how straight, sleek and healthy my hair looks. I can honestly say, I can’t live without this anymore- I like compliments too much. Goodbye unmanageable hair!

The product is available online at, where you can find out more information on the products, stockists and prices. It’s firmly saved in my favourites! At £12.50 for the bottle, I recommend anyone with similar hair to me to try it out! It’s a saviour.

Love from an impressed, gorgeous haired Emily 😄 xxx


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