Neal & Wolf ‘Harmony’ Hair Product

I have recently, after huge debates, had my hair cut, as it was so damaged it was basically falling out and the ends were split.

I had about 6-8 inches off which was quite radical for me as I love long hair. So when we were contacted by the lovely people at Neal and Wolf, they recommended I try Harmony – Intensive Care Treatment to ensure that my hair stays in good condition whilst I am growing it again (healthily)

It states to use for 3-5 minutes, massaging the hair and scalp. after doing a qualification in indian head massage, I know how important scalp massage can be. It can stimulate the hair follicles which gives them a boost for growth and massaging around the hairline can make you feel more relaxed and ease tension.

The treatment itself is very light in texture, almost like yoghurt, without being thick and gloopy like a lot of other intensive treatments. The fragrance was heavenly, which is something I’m very keen on.

After blowdrying and straightening my hair, it felt silky soft and looked very shiny and healthy. Often with intensive treatments, the formula is that thick that it can weigh your hair down and give a greasy effect, but Harmony just made my hair appear and feel a whole lot healthier, which in turn made me feel a whole lot more harmonious. Ahh I love a good pun!

You can buy Harmony at for £13.50, which is a steal for how lovely my hair feels. It’s like a salon experience every single day!





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