Red 5 Bluetooth Earmuffs

In my previous post about the Boots Beauty Advent Calendar that Kathryn and I have both purchased recently, I mentioned- well, rambled- that Christmas is just around the corner.

Yes it’s an exciting time, and obviously I can’t wait for Santa to pay the Pawson household a visit (if you’re reading this Santa, I’d like some Real Techniques brushes, various Mac products, Marc Jacobs perfume and some Benefit Brow Zings please!) but there is one issue with this time of the year… IT IS FREEZING!

The nights have officially drawn in and there’s not so much a nip in the air anymore, more like a FREEZE. Yes, I’m dreaming of a White Christmas as much as Bing Crosby- as long as I get to sit inside, watching Home Alone with endless cups of tea, wearing a onesie.

However, this lifestyle is not feasible. Basically for anyone. Therefore, I’d prefer it if the rain, snow and Gail force winds would kindly go away. For starters, my hair hates any type of weather- rain, wind, cold, hot, it’s liable to frizz and curl (although I’m currently testing out a product which I’m slowly becoming obsessed with- more on that VERY soon!). But mainly, it’s just TOO COLD. You’d think we’d be used to it by now- I’ve managed to survive 22 British winters and I’m still here- but we still all like to complain. It’s just one of those traits we all have. We love a good moan!

However, the lovely team at Red 5 have found a solution to my cold head during my hour and a half commute to the office- their new Bluetooth Earmuffs!

I am a big fan of earmuffs anyway, I have a Primark pair with a cute fairisle print which I bought a couple of years ago, and a knitted black pair with a rose shape around the ears which are actually from Next children’s section back when I worked there. I think the main reason I purchased them was because they actually fit my head. A running joke in my house is the size of my head… Cracker pulling and paper hats are a hard time for me on Christmas Day- they do rip ever so easily.

I tested out this girly gadget and honestly, I didn’t want to take them off my ears. They are so warm, so fluffy, so soft, I felt like I had an oversized rabbit stuck around my head! Something a bit like this maybe- just a lot lighter:

Copyright: M & Y News Agency via Google Images

The soft grey colour is stylish and would match any outfit, and will look cute whether your hair is up or down. And to make things even better- THEY’RE ALSO HEADPHONES! Inside the ear muff! You can be warm AND listen to One Direction’s album at the same time- what’s not to love.

The earmuffs work through Bluetooth, just link them to your phone and the music plays through them.
At first I was a little confused how to set this up. Mainly because I’m a bit of a technophobe, who still can’t work out how the heck I get iOS7 onto my iPhone. I didn’t want it anyway…

You can also answer calls, switch tracks and change the volume, all through the buttons on the side of the earmuffs!

At an RRP of £39.95, they’re definitely something to stick on the Christmas list- warm, stylish and practical, there’s nothing to dislike about them. They’re due to be in stock from the 2nd of December, so definitely try and get your hands on a pair.

To learn more about this product visit We have a store in Princes Quay in Hull too, if you want to pop down to have a look- it’s the shop with that massive robot in the window, which to me, is scary, but to a child seems to be fascinating. Or if you walk through town wearing blinkers, it’s right next to Topshop 🙂

Everyone needs a pair of these!


Disclaimer: this isn’t us wearing the headphones- this is a pretty Red5 model, who actually looks a bit like Lily Cole, don’t you think?


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