UltraDEX Oral Range

After trying out the CB12 products a couple of weeks ago, The Kats Paws were sent a box full of PeriProducts goodies from the lovely team. Our pearly whites are looking… Well, pearly white at the moment!

All the products we were sent had whitening properties, so I decided to take a 2 week challenge to see if there was any difference. Honestly, there was. My whole mouth feels a lot more sparkly, compared to using other big brands of toothpastes. I can also suffer from quite sensitive teeth sometimes, particularly in the cold or when eating cold and sweet things, and feel after using these products, it has vastly improved.

The items we tested out were:


Daily Oral Rinse
This rinse is clear and flavour free, but you have the option to add a minty taste by adding the sachet provided. However, I felt i didnt even have to add this mint taste as my breath felt fresh and clean without it.

Recalcifying and Whitening Daily Oral Rinse
I wasn’t a hue fan of this mouthwash, purely because I didn’t like the taste. I felt it was quite strong and a bit chemically, but is alcohol free, whitens teeth and protects enamel, and as it’s developed especially for sensitive teeth, I did notice a difference after use. It is worth the taste for a tiny 30 seconds of the morning!


Low-Abrasion Toothpaste
This had a pleasant taste and I could definitely see a difference whitening wise over the course of the two weeks. My only niggle is that the toothpaste doesn’t foam- something I found slightly odd. During brushing I felt that I wasn’t cleaning my teeth with anything other than water, and the first time I used it I added more onto my toothbrush, thinking I’d not used enough. However, afterwards my mouth felt cleaner than when using other toothpastes- bizarre yet impressive!

Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste
Has a fresh mint taste which isn’t too strong. Also fights against bad breath which, lets be honest, everyone looks for in a toothpaste!


Tongue Cleanser
After using the tongue cleanser, you could feel a difference straight away. My tongue felt clean and smooth, in a way I didn’t think could happen. It comes with a handy clip-on lid to keep it dry and clean, which is brilliant if you wanted to take it away or carry it around with you.

Fresh Breath Oral Spray
The spray comes in a good compact size, making it easy to keep in any bag or pocket for a handy top up at any time of the day. It’s free from sugar and alcohol, which is something i always look out for in oral products, and the fresh mint taste is pleasant- strong, yet not overpowering like some sprays I’ve used in the past.

Anti-bacterial Coated Interdental Tape
This tape effectively cleaned between my teeth and gums and my whole mouth felt a lot cleaner after use. The tape is strong, and didnt snap at any point, which you often find with other dental floss. However, it was slightly thick and I couldn’t fit it between some of my teeth, particularly my bottom teeth and towards the back.

Hy G Ionic Toothbrush
This was the product I was most excited about. The technology attracts plaque from your teeth like a magnet, and expertly polishes the teeth by reducing plaque by up to 48%. To read more about the way the Hy G brush works, visit http://www.ionicbrush.com, as I’m no scientist. All I know is that it works!

My teeth felt polished, whitened and healthier, I’d recommend everyone to get one of these brushes- plus you can get new heads so it last even longer!

Overall, we were incredibly impressed with these products and will definitely be using them in years to come- someone’s going to have a hard task topping how clean our teeth feel!

UltraDEX and PeriDental products are available from the following stockists, and prices vary. For more information visit http://www.periproducts.co.uk. Which you should 🙂







Here’s a picture of my teeth too!



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