Bizzybee Cleaning Products

Washing the pots is one of them awful, awful things in life. Back in my student days, we used to leave them for so long, that new life forms began to develop- don’t judge me, all students do it!

One time, they were left so long that THIS occurred:


So when Bizzybee sent us some of their range, I was apprehensive. One home comfort is the fact we have a dishwasher- a machine to do it all for you, it’s a beautiful invention.

However, these were so pretty, I couldn’t wait to test them out- I know, this may well sound sad.

The gloves were pink, glamorous, classy and just so pretty! They’d make even the most mundane task fun.

The material was thick, not like the standard marigolds that can rip easily with false nails and long fingernails. Even though my nails are pretty short at the moment, I could tell through the strength on the material that it would be incredible difficult to rip them!

These high performance products come in a range of eight rubber gloves, six cloths and one scourer, allowing you to spend less time on chores and more time on the things that really matter.

Emily tested out the Bizzybee Patterned Gloves while Kathryn chose the Elegance Gloves. These were both so cute we didn’t mind doing the washing up at all (our parents were dumbstruck.) They could also be used for all sorts of indoor or outdoor chores such as cleaning and gardening, as they were durable and thick, with a comfortable cotton lining.

The Elegance Gloves are also latex-free and made without flock lining which is a common irritant for skin allergies.

All the colours are very girly, pretty and can match a rainbow of kitchen theme colours, meaning they won’t look out of place drying on the side of the sink!

The cloths gather moisture well and one swipe gets the job done!

We’d recommend that everyone get themselves a pair of these. They even make cute presents- your daughter, sister or housemate will become the resident dishwasher instead of you! I’d get them something else for Christmas too though… Not even a washing-up glove this pretty will suffice as a suitable gift. Alongside some perfume and concert tickets would be much better! Plus, they’re VERY Desperate Housewives… Just hopefully without the constant murders and crimes.

The range is available in Sainsbury’s and The Range, and visit to learn more about them!

PS- the prices are extremely reasonable too, this will last AGES!

PPS- my washing up will NEVER get as bad as that student time again!



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