Winter Boots

It’s getting to that time of year when all you really need in life is a good pair of boots. Comfy, stylish, durable, waterproof, snow proof, won’t break the bank, will go with every outfit. Us girls don’t ask for much!

Now, some years I’ve spent a considerable amount on just the one pair to see me through. Only for them to fall to bits come January 10th with three British weather months to get through before we dig out the pumps again.

Obviously, we all own a pair of Uggs. Classic chestnut, brown or black, these babies last a good couple of years for your £165. With their fluffy lining, your feet are warm, but in torrential rain and snow, no amount of suede protection spray can leave them unharmed. However, we still give them a good shot, despite the fur lining being worn down, the toe lines clearly visible where we walk and- my pet hate- the collapsed inside heel which makes an Ugg turn ugly. If anyone reading this has a pair like this, please PLEASE throw them away. You look a fool.

This year, I want to step away from the Uggs, step away from the overpriced and invest in a couple of pairs that will see me through all occasions. Including suitable for the office.

First stop- New Look. I saw a pair of boots on ASOS and thought I’d try get them in town so I could try them on without having to then return them straight away.

I am in love with this year’s New Look boots. They have some great ones in, particularly the strappy Chelsea boot I picked up recently.

Fashionable straps, double buckles and a heel low enough to walk around in all day and high enough to NOT be a kitten heel. Oh kitten heels, WHY do you exist?!

However, these boots are painful. And I can’t even put my finger on which part of the foot the pain occurs. I even invested in some frilly Topshop socks to add a trendy comfort to them- no help.

So, after a few wears, enough was enough. I’ll save them for the pub, not for work or shopping.

Next stop- my faithful, loveable, one-stop shop- Primark.

In the past few years, I’ve not been impressed with Primark’s winter boots. Some looked cheap (which they are, but still). Some looked dated. Some I didn’t even give a second glance.

But after my trip there on Saturday, I must say I was impressed and picked up these lovelies:




Let’s see how long they last, but so far I’m impressed!!

Get yourself to Primmers this year and buy a few pairs rather than just the one! The long ones where £22, the medium £20 and the short, only a measley £10! Variety is the spice of life 🙂


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