CB12 Oral Products

Now I must say beforehand, I’m no dentist. In fact, I don’t usually use anything other than Colgate and a toothbrush. Using mouthwash, floss etc is something I always mean to do, but when you’re late for work and are rushing out the door, packing your bag, making your lunch and putting your clothes on all at the same time because you’ve spent too long doing your mascara and checking Facebook… Well, girls can multi-task, but that’s taking it a step too far.

So when the lovely team at CB12 sent us samples of their mouthwash range, The Kats Paws jumped at the chance to give it a go! No one likes bad breath!

The mouthwash claims to banish bad breath for 12 hours and has been developed by dentists. Twelve hours is a long day, including three meals (and many snacks. We love sweets), so at first I was sceptical, but I could definitely feel a difference! After a day at work, your mouth can feel fluffy, dry and in need of a good clean, whereas after using this mouthwash, it did feel improved. I wouldn’t say my breath was minty fresh by the end of the day, but I did ask a willing friend if I could breathe on them. They reported that there was nothing unpleasant- bonus!

I do usually have some issues with other mouthwashes. The cap is usually fiddly to get off and my aim from the bottle to the lid is usually way off, resulting in sticky and minty hands. CB12 have thought about this and instead of pouring, you press a button, which measures out the exact 10ml which is recommended. These little things always impress me!

I also find that some mouthwashes are so strong, it feels like your mouth is burning. These are as strong as is needed, but tasty! I didn’t need to spit it out straight away, I could easily swish and gargle for a whole minute.

At almost £15 a bottle, some may wonder if its worth the price compared to other, cheaper brands. It works out at about 60p per dose, which is what you’d spend on a packet of crisps every day. For 12 hours without bad breath, you can’t really go wrong!

CB12 is available from Boots, £14.59, and comes in two flavours- Mint Menthol and Mild Mint Mentol.

We loved them both 🙂



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